Month: January 2014



By his own hand, Carmelo Garcia relinquished his infamous Rat Tapes exposed last summer.  They appear in a short blurb on the Jersey Journal.

The timing of course is equally as interesting as what the actually tapes contain.  Carmelo Garcia made this tape in January 2013 and it’s more than a year later.

Politics? In Hoboken? I’m shocked, shocked Senator Stack!

Carmelo Garcia inadvertently saw the secret tape recording of the mayor’s husband and former State Senator Bernard Kenny taken out his sole possession when attorney Louis Zayas of “ethnic cleansing” notoriety screwed up reading from a transcript of it in the Angel Alicea case. Read More...


Beth Mason pays homage to “Year of the Horse”

With no substantial number of Chinese residents among local voters, a strange advertisement appeared in the weekly paper in the usual prominent page three location as the last two years or so.

The ad will not make any Super Bowl advertisement buzz and most Hoboken residents won’t know it ever existed.
Touted via the shadowy Mason Civic League “charity,” the ad celebrates the Chinese New Year and “Year of the Horse.”

Is the ad an attempt at outreach to your favorite equine journalist, Da Horsey, SmartyJones? Read More...


NY Times highlights new SandyGate details and “pressure” on mayor and Hoboken

The Metro section of the NY Times is often overlooked but while many disagree with the editorial focus appearing on the front page too often, the metropolitan coverage continues to shine.

While many news outlets are doing short and often inaccurate analysis on Hoboken and the issues surrounding the mayor and the ongoing federal investigation into SandyGate, the NY Times story uncovers new information and efforts between two major developers trying to get a foothold in Hoboken: NJ Transit and the Rockefeller group and and all without the City’s or mayor’s knowledge. From the NY Times story:

A few months later, the company struck a memorandum of understanding with New Jersey Transit to build a light rail stop near their property. Transportation planners have long said a station would someday be needed there, but for Rockefeller Group, which would pay part of the costs, it made the project more attractive to tenants. A spokesman for the mayor said that Ms. Zimmer was not apprised of the agreement. A transit agency spokesman declined to discuss it. Read More...


Hoboken Super Bowl Week details for residents and visitors

City of Hoboken announces:


The City of Hoboken will host the Hoboken Huddle at Pier A Park on the Hoboken waterfront the week of January 28 to February 2 leading up to Super Bowl XLVIII. The Hoboken Huddle will feature a 12 foot tall illuminated sculpture of the Roman numerals “XLVIII” overlooking the Manhattan skyline. In partnership with the US Curling Association, the Hoboken Huddle will also feature 3 lanes of curling which will be free and open to the public each day from 10am to 10pm. Vendors will include Pizza Vita, Law Coffee, and the official Super Bowl XLVIII Fan Store which will be open daily at the gazebo at the end of Pier A from 10am to 10pm. Read More...


Carmelo Garcia announces first week accomplishments in Assembly

To the editor: I want to take this opportunity to update my constituents of the 33rd Legislative District on the progress I have made so far with respect to legislation and my work in Trenton. Since I took office on January 14, I have been working with my colleagues on meaningful legislation that will have a positive impact on our residents. I am a Primary Sponsor on the following bills: A385: establishes a commission to study and present solutions on the disparity in the treatment of persons with disabilities in underrepresented communities. A641: imposes uniform restrictions on gifts, outside employment and compensation concerning the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey. A1672: requires youth sports team organizations to implement written head injury policies. I am also a Co-Sponsor on the following bills: A2183: Provides corporation business tax credits and gross income tax credits for qualified wages of certain veterans. A2184: Requires issuance of one free copy of a veteran’s death certificate to certain authorized persons upon request. A2187: establishes pilot program to assist certain veterans with housing modification and rehabilitation. I have directed my legislative staff to start working with the Office of Legislative Services on a legislative package to help job creation and vocational services for high school students and young adults and a bill to help increase the New Jersey Affordable Housing Trust Fund. My first vote was to authorize the creation of the Select Committee on Investigation. This committee will be looking into the accusations of the closure of the George Washington Bridge last summer. I am confident that the committee will be able to determine the responsible parties, hold them accountable for their actions and make legislative recommendations in order to prevent any further abuse and incidents in the future. Last Thursday, I met with Stevens Institute of Technology President Dr. Nariman Farvardin for a tour of the Campus and to discuss the schools innovations, current programs and ways how the State and Stevens can work together. Mr. Farvardin and I have a commitment to higher education and its impact on the residents of the 33rd district. Mr. Farvardin expressed to Assemblyman Garcia his vision of Stevens as a place of resources and ideas in the fields of engineering and technologies. Abraham Lincoln said “With public sentiment, nothing can fail. Without it, nothing can succeed.” The doors of my office are open and I will be very happy to help and provide assistance in Trenton and State Agencies, to facilitate any ideas and proposals that you think will advance and improve our lives. Please feel free to reach out to me at 201-714-4960 or our legislative email: Thank you Carmelo G. Garcia Assemblyman, 33rd Legislative District. Assemblyman Carmelo Garcia represents Hoboken, Union City, Weehawken and parts of Jersey City in the New Jersey Legislature.

The ‘ethic cleanser’ returns: Carmelo Garcia civil suit back charging “patronage”

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Attorney Louis Zayas and HHA Executive Director Carmelo Garcia hooked up again after their initial success garnering national attention and ridicule filing their “ethnic cleansing” lawsuit.

That civil suit was thrown out effective last Tuesday but is amended with a new slant in the same legal style as before.

Removing their ethnic cleansing claim, it’s rebranded charging the same defendants as last including Mayor Dawn Zimmer with “political patronage.”

Among the numerous legal charges Garcia again makes numerous allegations of victimization, adverse employment impact and unsubstantiated “patronage policies.” Read More...


“Ethnic Cleansing” lawyer Louis Zayas amends Carmelo Garcia’s civil lawsuit


The lawsuit thrown out of court in Hudson County Superior Court is apparently amended by “ethnic cleansing” lawyer Louis Zayas on behalf of HHA Executive Director Carmelo Garcia.

The updated charges against the same defendants charges “political patronage,” related to government contracts, awarding professional contracts and to “implement the mayor’s policies” in the HHA.

Garcia claims he’s the victim of harassment, intimidation and threats to his employment contract. Read More...


Vote-by-Mail ballots front and center in Monday hearing in Hudson County Superior Court


Front and center Monday in Hoboken Superior Court is the battle over Vote by Mail ballots thrown out by the Hudson County Board of Elections.

Of almost 300 contested ballots, some are finding their way back into the tabulation on the ballot question of rent control last November.  MSTA is taking a tactic of looking at ballots mostly out of the Hoboken Housing Authority and have them reinserted into the tallies with the HFHA in opposition.

After the election, the MSTA “yes” position on curtailing rent control failed by 122 votes. Read More...


Phil Cohen addresses SandyGate

Staunch reform activist Phil Cohen speaks before the City Council about SandyGate and urges the council to act carefully and not harm the integrity of the federal investigation in the hands of the US Attorney’s Office.

Calling the mayor a “profile in courage,” he adds his belief the mayor is acting in the best interest of Hoboken.