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Hoboken Watergate smolders in 20/20 Vision

As Hoboken’s emerging Watergate scandal smolders, there’s competing events in the Mile Square today.  In the northeast part of town Maxwell’s will be holding an outdoor party starting at 4:00 saying goodbye to all its friends, fans and family celebrating its cultural contribution, cemented in the region’s music history.

On the others side of town back on Marshall Drive, Hoboken Housing Authority Director Carmelo Garcia will be holding his first Vision 20/20 meeting at 6:00 pm when most Hoboken residents are busy at work. Read More...


Hoboken’s Watergate scandal emerging – the Old Guard edition

Yesterday’s traffic was a summertime high with the increased buzz of an emerging yet to be told story about a breaking Watergate style tape becoming public.

The audiotape is believed coupled with a transcript and according to published reports features one prominent public and elected official who is recording others.

While the details are uncertain, a number of people in Hoboken are quite familiar – it’s the Mile Square’s Old Guard – but they don’t want to speak on the record, on background or admit they are worried the orchestrator of the audiography has in fact built a library on everyone, friend and foe. Read More...


Mayor’s invitation to the flight deck – cheers!

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Horse Sense: In the week that is…

Lots of concern springing up out of the Ruben Ramos campaign as everyone and anyone has advice for its lack of traction against the popular and effective Mayor Dawn Zimmer.  Even with campaign dollars, almost all of it from outside Hoboken outpacing Mayor Zimmer’s fundraising in the quarter confidence is not oozing out. Then Frank “Pupie” Raia is laying in the weeds ready to spring a council ticket headless or with Councilwoman Terry Castellano atop aiming a crushing poison pill at Ramos’ campaign. The claim of 175 “volunteers” signed up at the campaign HQ posited to Augie Torres is fanciful to say the least. Or are they counting all those HHA people who will be “campaigning” at $40 per vote-by-mail ballot?  By the way, how come the going vbm rate at Church Towers is $75 a pop?  Isn’t that discriminatory or “racist” as Councilman Michael Russo likes to yell? If that’s not bad enough, the Vision for Hoboken efforts regarding their backing for =&0=& is causing more agita even with obscure dog and pony meetings scheduled in hostile HHA buildings. Of course that’s exactly what HHA Executive Director Carmelo Garcia has in mind as he’s marshaled his spokespeople, a small HHA group of Carmelitos who hang on his every word even as the rest of Hoboken is less than impressed with the utter lack of documentation on the various descriptions of the Vision 20/20 plan, Vision Money/Money plan. Is it more than double the size downtown with almost 1900 units as described in Garcia’s only Vision 20/20 brochure?  Or is it 806 units replacing the current number in the downtown HHA campus as Old Guard political operative David Liebler claimed in a recent City Council meeting while he hysterically yelled about “scumbag Zimmer bloggers” for pointing to the lack of written verifiable details. There’s only one thing you can be sure of regarding Vision 20/20 and that’s there will be no comprehensive documentation provided to the public for scrutiny merely a moving target of whatever is the last thing Carmelo Garcia says. What anyone else says has Garcia’s interest in a different way but unfortunately it has nothing to do with open government and transparency. Which should make for an entertaining remaining summer even with the heat moderating; the crime, greed and dirty deeds in Hoboken are always at the ready. That’s how they roll.
Hoboken Housing Authority ED Carmelo Garcia (c) shares a happy moment with mayoral candidate Ruben Ramos and
council slate candidate Laura Miani at the spring kickoff.  The Vision 20/20 is under
 equal scrutiny as is the Vision for Hoboken campaign.

On a separate note, Hoboken Patch confirms the sentencing for Patrick Ricciardi has been moved to Friday in Newark Federal court 11:00 am.  MSV’s story earlier this month recounts Ricciardi telling others he has a deal and won’t be going to federal prison.

=&1=&: Hoboken is about to heat up.  Are you ready for this?

This Horse Sense editorial is dedicated to the memory of Hoboken resident James (Jimmy) Barry a MSV reader who while fighting a losing battle with cancer encouraged this website’s engagement against corruption and spoke highly of his respect and support for Mayor Zimmer. Read More...


Whole lot of secret taping going on in Hoboken?

According to the Al Sullivan column in the weekend paper, Hoboken is seeing a rash of secretly recorded conversations.  The taping is described naming a West New York official but then oddly circles back to Hoboken where the surreptitious activity is described as having “especially” taken hold.

Around the Mile Square, Da Horsey is picking up a current of something resembling a bit more than concern and the Old Guard may be sweating bullets while Masonista online operatives have suspiciously fallen silent. Read More...


Campaign contribution story explodes into questions on Hudson Reporter editors


In a Grafix Avenger story on current campaign contributions to Hoboken mayoral candidates, controversy swirling around relationships of political operatives and the Hudson Reporter raises serious questions on the integrity and journalistic practices of its editors.

One major question surrounds the SLAPP suit against more than a dozen Hoboken residents last year including MSV directly pointing to the journalistic practices of its editors.

Yesterday, Grafix Avenger detailed recent NJ ELEC campaign reports highlighting a former HR reporter had briefly worked for the Ruben Ramos mayoral campaign.  GA has been exploring an effort by the Ramos campaign to employ former reporters at the HR in an effort to (further) tilt its coverage in favor of Ruben Ramos and his council slate in the Hoboken November elections. Read More...


The Hoboken Sopranos ready the double cross?

The paint on the new campaign HQ isn’t even dry but according to an “Earwitness Report” on Grafix Avenger, a Hoboken Sopranos stab in the back to Ruben Ramos could be in the offing if word of a third slate materializes.

According to the story, a third ticket for Hoboken’s November election is real and and could see Councilwoman Terry Castellano atop.  It wouldn’t be a complete surprise as Frank “Pupie” Raia who is not fond of the idea of a Ramos mayoralty and has been flirting for some time with fielding a headless at-large council slate. Read More...


Sierra Club joint release with Ruben Ramos and Tim Occhipinti

Event organizer announces:

=&0=& =&1=&=&2=&
Photo courtesy by arrangement
=&3=&Today,local leaders and activists gathered for a press conference at the Hoboken PATH Station to highlight the devastating impacts of extreme weather and climate change on Hoboken and throughout the state of New Jersey. They’re calling for action to mitigate the worst impacts of climate-fueled extreme weather.  Today’s press conference comes on the heels of President Barack Obama’s historic national climate change plan announcement on June 25th.   Extreme weather is affecting families all across America – from hurricanes to heat waves and from droughts to devastating blizzards These events take a toll on our families, our communities, and especially our economy. Climate change is causing these natural disasters to increase in frequency and intensity. We cannot afford to wait any longer to address this problem at a national level. Our communities depend on it. That’s why President’s Obama’s climate action plan is so timely and important for New Jersey and every state throughout America.   “The President is showing his personal leadership on climate change, and we need to stand with him.  This is not only about the environment, it is about growing our economy and providing clean energy jobs,” said Jeff Tittel, Director of the New Jersey Sierra Club. “The President’s plan is even more critical in New Jersey, where some do not recognize climate change and sea level rise. That is why it is so important here for the federal government to step up on these issues.  When I met with the President on May 28th in Asbury Park, he said a climate initiative was coming soon and he kept his word.”   “Our high density urban coastal regions like Hoboken, Weehawken and Jersey City need protection from the next ‘Sandy’,” said Dr. Alan Blumberg, Director of the Davidson Laboratory/Center for Maritime Systems at Stevens Institute of Technology. “Because of the changing climate, the storms of the future, I believe, will be more frequent and more intense.”   In October 2012, New Jersey was devastated by deadly Superstorm Sandy – the second costliest hurricane in U.S. history – which left 131 dead and destroyed approximately 380,000 homes. It created a storm surge that broke the all-time record in New York Harbor.  Sandy and 24 other extreme weather events over 2011-2012 caused damage in excess of $1 billion each — $188 billion total – and left more than 1,100 people dead.  Just last week, New Jersey suffered from a horrendous heat wave, the latest in a series of extreme weather events in recent years that have included hurricanes, droughts, nor’easters and even a blizzard before Halloween. As a result of these and other events, 14 New Jersey counties have received natural disaster designations in recent years.   “Severe storms, extreme heat, summer droughts and unhealthy air days are becoming more and more frequent,” said Assemblyman Ruben Ramos (NJ-33). “We must embrace ways to help New Jersey communities deal with these problems and learn to prevent future damage caused by climate change and extreme weather. We have a moral obligation to future generations to leave a planet that’s not polluted and damaged by carbon pollution. President Obama’s plan is a sound one, and it’s up to those of us at the local level to stand up in support of efforts at the national level that will help our communities here at home.”   President Obama’s new climate action plan is a big step to begin reducing extreme weather and detrimental effects caused by climate change,” said =&8=&