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Did Terry Castellano really tell people to protest at the mayor’s home?

The question has been raised since it appeared on Hoboken Patch as the first comment on a story HHA residents would protest against its commissioners Dave Mello and Greg Lincoln for not backing Executive Director Carmelo Garcia’s appointing powers.

Did Councilwoman Terry Castellano tell people to go protest at the mayor’s home?
Did Councilwoman Terry Castellano tell HHA residents to protest at the mayor’s home?
Many people couldn’t or didn’t want to believe it but the comment stood as the first on the story as authentic into today and has not been taken down, convincing some Castellano has gone rogue nasty blogger. Back in 2009, then mayor Peter Cammarano saw a protest of Hoboken residents rise up and protest on his block when he refused to resign after the FBI released details of his comments when he accepted $25,000 in illegal campaign contributions from a phony developer. The seriousness of the charges and Cammarano’s arrogance who refused to resign after he said opposition to him would those people “ground into powder” nevertheless saw a small vocal minority complaining residents were acting inappropriately in having a protest on upper Bloomfield Street.   In that instance, Cammarano had left town with his family but yesterday the announcement of a protest by a spokeswoman from the HHA office was a clear sign the action was directed by Executive Director Carmelo Garcia. The Sky Club home to the families of both Mello and Lincoln did not see a large protest in the end scheduled for late afternoon.  A group of several dozen HHA residents appeared two hours later to no great effect.  Residents of the Sky Club off the record found it less than amusing but several reportedly inquired to Dave Mello about the matter finding it grossly inappropriate. Terry Castellano is somewhat infamous for her efforts saying almost a million dollars in parking meter quarters was “cleared up,” three times back in 2007 when then director of the Parking Utility John Corea looted the bounty and sent it to a south jersey mob connected firm.  Questions as to why both she and her cousin, Councilman Michael Russo fought to cover up the missing million dollars has never been satisfactorily answered although they’ve upgraded their answers in council meetings last year blaming former Mayor Dave Roberts for misleading them with inaccurate information. John Corea was sentenced to a seven year stretch last year for his role in the theft. 
Councilwoman Terry Castellano urged HHA residents to protest outside the mayor’s home
if a comment appearing first out of the gate on Hoboken Patch is accurate.
=&0=&: This is a shocking development by Terry Castellano who has submitted a defense of the Mason family lawsuit against Hoboken people to appeal the legal appointment of Jim Doyle early this year to the Mason sponsored cybersewer Hoboken411. Unlike Hoboken411, Hoboken Patch does not have a Nazi like censor to protect the Old Guard’s misinformation.  Castellano’s remark was not received well with one commenter replying in response, “Just when we all thought you couldn’t disgrace your elected office any further, you make a liberlous remark against citizens on an unpaid board and recommend that a mob go to the mayor’s house.”

Mayor thanks Senator Sacco and Assemblyman Prieto for aid in protecting waterfront

Office of the Mayor announces:

=&0=&=&1=&=&2=& Mayor Thanks Senator Sacco and Assemblyman Prieto for Amending Pier Legislation

“Today the State Senate passed legislation that will enable Hoboken to protect our treasured waterfront. I want to give a huge thank you to Senator Sacco and Assemblyman Prieto for listening to my concerns about waterfront development in our City and working with my Administration to craft an amendment that would give Hoboken a right to decide about future waterfront development. Under the new legislation that passed both the Assembly and Senate, but still needs Governor Christie’s approval, municipalities will be permitted to opt into a State law that would permit municipalities to develop on existing piers. Read More...


The Carmelitos are coming, the Carmelitos are coming!

Better late than never, the word is that a band of Carmelo Garcia’s finest have arrived on the scene to protest at the Sky Club.

Word is there are several dozen Carmelitos and they are demanding the Sky Club be turned over to them immediately or Carmelo Garcia will come down and order Tim Occhipinti to have the police empty the building.

Okay, well the last part is only farce but the several dozen Carmelitos are actually true.

Here’s exclusive video from a Sky Club resident of the protest.  Of the approximately 4,000 HHA residents, we have a rather small, tepid band of Carmelitos. Read More...


Carmelitos’ HHA protest fizzles out at the Sky Club

The scene at the Sky Club about an hour into the scheduled Hoboken Housing Authority protest shows zero protestors and a number of Hoboken police on the scene.

Not a Carmelito was stirring not even anonymouse?

Who pulled the plug on Carmelo Garcia’s protest? Was it Boss Brian Stack?

Talking Ed Note: C’mon Brian, turn’em loose!


“Carmelitos” plan on protesting at Sky Club at 5:00 PM today

Based on a story by the Old Guard friendly Hudson Reporter, a group of HHA residents will be holding a protest at the SkyClub at 5:00 pm later today.

The protest is against the “political hijacking” of the Hoboken Housing Authority’s Board according to the story.  Reform oriented members currently hold four of the seven seats and under former chairman Jake Stuiver efforts looked to rotate new professionals for legal counsel and auditor.

The attempt to do so outside of Executive Director Carmelo Garcia’s insistence no such change occur became an almost year long struggle with current legal counsel Charles Daglian failing to win approval on a new contract after five attempts. Read More...


Mayor Zimmer statement on 2013 budget, hails 10 percent tax reduction

Office of the mayor announces:


“Last night the Hoboken City Council adopted our 2013 budget. I am very proud that my Administration has reduced municipal taxes by approximately 10 percent since 2009, despite the financial upheaval that has caused property taxes to increase in many other New Jersey municipalities. While I do not agree with the City Council’s choice to defer important projects, this is an excellent budget consistent with the budget my Administration introduced in March. A special thank you to Council President Cunningham for his statesmanship and Budget Chair Giattino for leading the budget process to a successful completion.” Read More...


Tim Occhipinti goes tilt with corruption question on his campaign finances


Last night’s budget hearing hearing held little drama.  More of the usual attempts at a gotcha moment by Councilman Michael Russo who thought he had his golden moment when he said insurance costs to the City were $400K more than the year prior, not the $1.5 million quoted by the Administration.

Shown where the other $1.1 million in insurance costs resided ended his effort but not the Old Guard noise that followed as Tim Occhipinti pretended refusing to pay 900K in terminal leave to retiring members of the fire department members was a noble poison pill to force into the budget rather than pay over five years as allowed by State law.  Lots of misinformation by the bucket load with prepared remarks by Councilwoman Terry Castellano followed with mythology about the mayor’s introduced budget raising taxes. Read More...


Progress updates on 1600 Park and Sinatra Park

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Wednesday June 26, 2013, 3:48 PM

City of Hoboken


Community: Construction Progress Update on 1600 Park & Sinatra Park

Progress continues to be made on two major parks projects: the new 1600 Park and the waterfront soccer field at Sinatra Park. Due to soft soil conditions found at 1600 Park, it was necessary to revise the design to strengthen the foundation for the field lighting. The lights are critical so the field can be used after dark and accommodate the high demand for field use by all ages in the community.

1600 Park
This week, drilling is taking place for the foundations needed to install light poles at 1600 Park. Drilling 60 feet to the bedrock for foundations is complicated by the presence of various nearby utilities. The City thanks PSE&G and United Water for their tremendous collaboration during this process. United Water will be shutting off and rerouting water of a nearby 12” water main during drilling. This Saturday, PSE&G will install extensions so that overhead wires are not impacted by the drilling equipment and the work can be safely completed. This work may require Willow Avenue to be partially closed. County Sheriff officers will be on the scene to direct traffic. The City contractor used hand tools to dig through an area near a steel gas main, and PSE&G will be using vibration detectors to ensure drilling is performed safely. Pouring of the concrete for the foundations is scheduled for the end of the week. Concurrently, work is taking place to prepare the restrooms and storage facilities building. In early July, the contractor will start installing the sports lights, fence and turf. The benches, restrooms, slide, and dog run will be installed shortly thereafter.

Sinatra Park
At Sinatra Park, pile driving is complete and sheet piles have been installed to hold back the soil. Last week, construction began for the new pre-cast concrete pier structure which is the foundation upon which the new soccer field and walkway will be built. The steel-reinforced concrete beams were poured off-site and are in the process of curing. Delivery and installation of the beams will begin at the end of this week and next week. At Castle Point Park, pile driving will soon begin to repair the waterfront walkway.


City: ‘We’ll appeal Shipyard Associate’s Monarch decision’

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Tuesday June 25, 2013

City of Hoboken


Community: City of Hoboken Will Appeal Monarch Decision & Continue to Fight Waterfront Development

The City of Hoboken is appealing a recent decision regarding Shipyard Associate’s attempts to develop residential buildings on a waterfront pier, known as the Monarch project, in place of promised amenities.

“Defending the City’s interests can require an investment in strong legal representation, but that investment is paying off,” said Mayor Dawn Zimmer. “We will continue to defend our interests, and in the case of the Monarch development, continue to fight to hold developers to their promises and protect our waterfront from inappropriate development.”

On Friday, June 21, Superior Court Judge Patrick J. Arre dismissed Hoboken’s complaint which sought a court order to enforce the Developer’s Agreement and compel Shipyard Associates to construct 3 tennis courts and a tennis pavilion on the North Pier. The City filed suit in 2012 in order to enforce the 1997 Developer’s Agreement between Shipyard, the Planning Board and the City that provided for the construction of a multi-phased, mixed use project along the waterfront, including over 1,000 residential units. According to the Agreement, Shipyard agreed to construct the tennis improvements as the last phase of the development.

But in 2012, Shipyard unilaterally decided to abandon the public recreational tennis use and replace it with two 11 story residential buildings, known as the Monarch project, on the pier in front of the Hudson Tea condominiums instead.

Judge Arre concluded that the Development Agreement could not be enforced by the City because it was dependent on the terms of the 1997 Planning Board Resolution. He ruled that a developer could seek to amend a planning board resolution, which, if approved would alter the development agreement.

Last year, the Planning Board denied the application of Shipyard to amend the 1997 Resolution. The Planning Board cited the pending lawsuit filed by the City which asserted that the City’s consent was needed before a change in the project on the North Pier could be considered. The Planning Board denial was without prejudice, pending the conclusion of the City litigation.

Shipyard countered with a lawsuit against the Planning Board, claiming that, under statutory law, an application which is determined to be complete by a planning board, but that is not considered after 120 days, is automatically deemed approved. The lawsuit against the Planning Board to determine the validity of Shipyard’s argument will now proceed. The outcome of that separate litigation will determine whether it will be necessary for Shipyard to proceed with the application to the Planning Board.

The Judge also dismissed Shipyard’s counterclaim which sought damages from the City and alleged that the City breached the Developers Agreement by filing suit and objecting to the Monarch project. He concluded that the City had a right to object and seek judicial review and did not act in bad faith in challenging the decision to replace the tennis improvements with the new towers.

Shipyard has financially benefited from development of more than 1,000 residential units on Hoboken’s Gold Coast and now seeks to renege on the agreement to provide the public recreation improvements that will benefit the people of Hoboken.

Mayor Zimmer has instructed the City’s special counsel to file a Notice of Appeal of the decision with the Appellate Division, in order to legally enforce the commitment of Shipyard to build the tennis improvements as a key feature of the massive Shipyard project and to prevent inappropriate residential development on the North Pier.

In a related matter, Mayor Zimmer has successfully lobbied for a critical change in proposed State legislation that would have overridden local laws and permitted residential and commercial development on Hoboken’s piers. The sponsors, Senator Sacco and Assemblyman Prieto, listened to Mayor Zimmer’s concerns and agreed to amend the bill to apply only to communities that choose to “opt-in” and authorize such development, something that Hoboken will not do.

In addition, the recent impacts of Superstorm Sandy on the City have demonstrated the need to prevent inappropriate development uses on the City’s piers. Mayor Zimmer will therefore pursue additional legal measures to protect against such development that exposes residents and property to hazards.