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Anthony Romano playing it cool in the Hoboken mayoral heat

Hoboken’s mayoral race, already hotter than Savannah asphalt with the Feds blazing through its cyberspace is getting a tad hotter with the dance of its Freeholder, Anthony Romano.

Yesterday, Max Pizarro at PolitickerNJ reported Romano is putting out “feelers” and weighing a run for Hoboken’s top government gig as mayor.

In a phone interview late last night, Romano played a potential run somewhat coy saying it wasn’t him who reached out to PolitickerNJ.  As to the rumor he would make a mayoral bid he keenly observed, “It’s a rumor.” Read More...


BREAKING: Hoboken give a warm welcome to the US Department of Justice

Although the FBI has visited this website more times than publicly admitted, there’s been no acknowledgement of the frequency and focus when the Feds show up.  Da Horsey is now willing to share a carrot and tell you in 2013 it’s more than you think.

Earlier today commenters broke out into a vigorous debate on the meaning of the FBI visits to horseyland.  While MSV declined to comment on anything but the fact of the high profile visits, commenters weighed the pros and cons of their arrival and the people mentioned in the visits. Read More...


Vision 20/20 and the Ruben Ramos “Vision for Hoboken”


With Hoboken facing a reval of its taxpayer housing stock, examination of the tax breaks proposed in the massive expansion of the Hoboken Housing Authority warrants closer scrutiny.  Two recent City Council meetings presented less than adequate detail in post midnight brawls where the Old Guard council members would try to push Vision 20/20 forward, illicitly hijacking the meeting without a quorum (a required five members present to conduct the meeting).

The scarce documentation on the full Vision 20/20 plan with no input from the broader Hoboken community should be a warning bell and Exhibit A on how the Old Guard operates.  In this instance, the Hoboken Housing Authority residents have been told they are along for the ride but as a point of fact, they have no pull nor say on who would be moved into any new building.
A little neglected contractual point on the phase I building for the HHA: the developer RPM would be in charge of deciding who moves in, controlling the list.  In addition, it’s RPM who would own the building after a 20 year PILOT.  Who do you think RPM would be answering to on this behind the scenes?
The downtown HHA campus was redrawn from just over 800 units currently to almost 1900 with a large tax break in the form of a PILOT included just as many Hoboken residents will see their taxes increase in the reval.  

Has the downward spiral of Beth Mason cratered?

=&0=& With the ascension of new mayoral leadership in Jersey City and a wave of optimism in mayor-elect Steve Fulop’s impact through Hudson County, across the border in Hoboken the wreckage for Councilwoman Beth Mason is becoming clear as the dust settles.  This is Beth Mason’s Tunguska moment and she’s not alone in her Siberian self-created wasteland. The Mason family attempted to purchase a political future for Beth Mason pumping when it’s all told over $50,000 into the doomed Mayor Healy re-election campaign.  Besides leaving egg on the face of her political team, Beth Mason is viewed equally in Hoboken and Hudson County as a dead ender.   The Mason family checkbook apparently carries a karmic taint all its own. Can it get any worse for Hoboken’s litigious power hungry councilwoman?  In a word, yes.
Beth Mason’s efforts to buy power and political position have crashed and burned.  Again.

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Piling on the bad for Beth Mason
Ruben Ramos goes Old Guard and heavy negative
Jersey City’s Fulop Force
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Jim Doyle’s time out
Hoboken Housing Authority’s nuclear winter

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What’s worse than a rainy holiday weekend?


reNew Jersey Stronger Housing grant program for Sandy-impacted residents

Agency Logo
Friday May 24, 2013

City of Hoboken


Community: Now Available: Grant Applications for Sandy-Impacted Homeowners

** Grants of up to $150,000 available to repair, elevate or rebuild primary residences **

The New Jersey Department of Community Affairs (DCA) will begin accepting applications for the reNew Jersey Stronger Housing Grant programs. There are two programs available:

Homeowner Reconstruction, Rehabilitation, Elevation and Mitigation (RREM): This program provides up to $150,000 for eligible homeowners to repair, elevate or rebuild their primary residences in the affected communities. The RREM program is intended to “fill the gap” between the cost of repairs and other funds the owner has received to repair the structure.

Homeowner Resettlement: This program provides a $10,000 grant award to eligible homeowners whose primary residence was damaged by Superstorm Sandy. This program requires you to remain in or return to Sandy impacted communities.

For more information regarding the reNew Jersey Stronger Housing Grant programs, including eligibility information and application instructions, please visit

Business owners are reminded that the New Jersey Economic Development Authority (NJEDA) is also accepting applications for the Stronger NJ Business Grant program. This program provides up to $50,000 per impacted location and up to $250,000 per entity to eligible small businesses and non-profit organizations which sustained a minimum of $5,000 in physical damage from Superstorm Sandy. To apply, visit:

Governor Chris Christie has tasked the DCA with administering the $1.8 billion federal Community Development Block Grant Disaster Recovery (CDBG-DR) program to assist storm-impacted homeowners and communities. Of this total, $1.2 billion will fund housing-related programs.

The DCA Superstorm Sandy Housing Assistance hotline is also open at 1-855-SANDYHM (1-855-726-3946) to answer any questions you may have about the application process.

Para español marque 1-855-SANDYHM.