Month: January 2013


Hoboken411 contempt of Hoboken – publishes discredited, phony Timmy letter


The story was about to die.  The phony Timmy Occhipinti letter originally appearing in the Jersey Journal and likely yanked the last minute before going to print in last weekend’s Hudson Reporter by its editors has hit the bottom of the cesspool showing up yesterday on Beth Mason’s favorite website for controlled messaging: Hoboken411.

Someone had to pay the bill for Whitehorse Strategies to create the artful letter and its flourishes with a reference to old time New York City Mayor Fiorello Laguardia.  You can rest assured it wasn’t Tim Occhipinti and his 75K help desk salary doing application support sounding that historical note. Read More...


W hosts ELEW for Rebuild Hoboken Gala this Saturday

ELEW, his moniker based on his original name Eric Lewis is a world class talent.  As a young man, he toured the globe under the direction of world famous trumpeter, Wynton Marsalis.  Previous to that staring gig he was the 1999 winner of the prestigious Thelonious Monk award.  As a child prodigy at the age of 16 he garnered accolades in the same competition as a semifinalist.

ELEW has played at the White House, appeared on TV and numerous events across the US and the globe as a solo artist and is bordering on star status blending rock and jazz as he applies his unique gifts in an appearance at the W Saturday night in support of the Rebuild Hoboken Fund. Read More...


Mayor Zimmer: Join us Saturday to celebrate and help Hoboken

Mayor Dawn Zimmer announces:

Dear Friends,

Happy New Year!  I hope everyone is recovering from Hurricane Sandy

and found some time to relax over the holidays.

Please join your Hoboken friends & neighbors for a great
event this Saturday: 

> What:  Gala Fundraiser to Support Rebuild Hoboken

> When:  Saturday, February 2nd, 7:00 pm

> Where: W Hotel

Our community needs your support to continue Rebuilding Hoboken!
(This black tie optional event is $300 per person with all proceeds to benefit Hoboken Sandy Relief).


Save the Date:  State of the City Address
Wednesday, February 13th, 7:00 pm

>  Debaun Auditorium
    Stevens Institute of Technology

>  My talk will include an overview of plans underway to ensure

    our City is more resilient than ever.  

Look forward to seeing everyone!


  P.S. Thanks again to everyone who volunteered to keep our City safe during the storm.    Here’s one of my favorite images of volunteers working together at HHS to unload and store supplies. 

Praise the heavens – Hoboken PATH to WTC back in business Wednesday!

City of Hoboken announces:

Restoration of service allows thousands of commuters a one-seat ride between Hoboken and Lower Manhattan for first time since Hurricane Sandy Governors Chris Christie and Andrew Cuomo today announced that full PATH service will resume between Hoboken and World Trade Center, beginning tomorrow morning, January 30.This is the first time since Hurricane Sandy that  thousands of commuters will once again have a one-seat ride between Hoboken and Lower Manhattan. “Restoring full PATH service to the region is possible because of the hard work of the men and women at PATH who labored 24/7 to bring this critical transit link back to life after the most devastating storm our region has ever suffered,” said Governor Chris Christie. “PATH riders’ patience, understanding and flexibility under such difficult circumstances are great examples of how the people of this region respond in the face of tragedy, and today is another major step toward returning our daily lives and routines to normal.” “In the days following Hurricane Sandy, I toured the World Trade Center site and saw firsthand the flooded tracks of the PATH train and the unprecedented damage caused by the surge from the Hudson,” said Governor Andrew Cuomo.  “Today’s restoration of service is another testament to our ability to rebuild and recover, even in the face of incredible destruction and devastation.  I thank the Port Authority workers for the tireless efforts since the storm hit to restore service and Governor Christie for being a real partner throughout this effort.” Today’s announcement means PATH is running normal weekday service for the first time since Superstorm Sandy devastated the system. Newark to World Trade Center, Hoboken to World Trade Center, Journal Square to 33rd Street and Hoboken to 33rd Street will operate on their regular (pre-Sandy) time tables. Service overnight on weekdays also will return to normal, running from Newark to 33rd Street via Hoboken and Newark to World Trade Center. Overnight service between Newark and World Trade Center was restored on Monday. Exchange Place and World Trade Center Stations will remain closed weekends during the month of February to allow crews uninterrupted time to complete necessary repairs. The Port Authority expects overnight weekend service to return between Newark and World Trade Center in the month of March. At that time, all PATH service will be restored to pre-Sandy status. PATH passengers may visit the PATH Web site at for service updates and to view an interactive system map that allows for easy travel planning

Hoboken City Council abstentions to see legal verdict Friday


The staged absences in the City Council last October leading to two abstentions and a Mason family lawsuit against the people of Hoboken will meet its fate this Friday afternoon when Judge Peter Bariso decides how abstentions should be counted.

At the last council meeting, all eight members finally voted and abstentions were counted as a “no” vote.

Technically Judge Bariso can not actually solve the matter Friday afternoon in Hudson County Superior Court.  He will rule based on state law how Hoboken abstentions are counted in cases similar to these council appointments.  The judge can not stop the Mason family (with MORTe) from filing another lawsuit against the people of Hoboken. Read More...


Grist for the Mill: Cold war officially begins Hoboken election season

An emerging cold war mirroring the frigid temperatures last week turned a Thursday night mixer at Carpe Diem into an unofficial political gathering as a number of politicos left their warm domiciles to begin hand pressing and getting their faces in the voters minds before taking on a popular Mayor Zimmer in November.

Two potential mayoral election rivals ignored each other.  On one side Assemblyman Ruben Ramos looking for a political job lifeline if the Hudson Reporter column saying he doesn’t have one is true.  On the other, the man with no political future if Ramos gets elected mayor in the form of the current seat holder in the fourth ward, Tim Occhipinti. Even the intimate venue couldn’t warm up the believed mayoral rivals. According to witnesses on the scene, the two had nary a word for the other.  “They don’t talk, they hate each other,” one source said matter of fact.  “There’s bad blood there,” adding it wasn’t clear when the falling out took place.   Ramos had lent credibility to the Occhipinti campaign during the 2010 fourth ward special election, a risky move when the election results and questionable paper ballots in the hundreds led to voter fraud charges landing in the NJ Attorney General’s Office. While Occhipinti awaits word from those who pull his strings (and pay the bills) whether he can “move forward” to advance his hoped for political career, Ramos already took the step to take out mayoral petitions with an eye toward cutting off adversaries at the knees becoming the default challenger. That strategy could backfire as Ramos may also have already decided his at-large council slate.  Rumored council candidates include Carpe Diem Thursday night bar visitors, HHA commissioner Eduardo Gonzalez and H-mag’s Joe Mindak with a woman to be named later.  The rumored selections have infuriated the Old Guard and Russo clan who want to choose the at-large council candidates.  (Michael Russo heard in 2009 on FBI surveillance tape bragging how he choose all three council candidates for Beth Mason’s spring mayoral run is most unhappy he’s been given no say.)   A key decider in the Cold War breaking out between Ramos and Occhipinti is a well known perennial candidate and financial backer in Hoboken elections who’s holding a very large grudge.  If he gets behind Occhipinti, it has less to do with love for Timmy and everything to do with dissatisfaction with Ramos. The frigid weather is breaking but the Cold War between Assemblyman Ruben Ramos and Timmy Occhipinti with a mayoral race heating up could only be beginning.
In 2010, Ruben Ramos (c) was an Occhipinti backer for the fourth ward special election.
These days they’re rivals if the icy distance at an intimate bar Thursday is a barometer
of cold war mayoral candidates in the making.
=&0=&:  Al Sullivan’s weekend column says it’s a four way race for an Assembly seat on State Senator’s Brian Stack’s ticket.  Four Hoboken politicos seek the spot, among them Council members Ravi Bhalla, Beth Mason, Michael Russo and NHSA commissioner Frank “Pupie” Raia. MSV confirmed the same information last week which explains Assemblyman Ruben Ramos’ mayoral petition hunt.   With a strong incumbent in Mayor Dawn Zimmer poised to lead her at-large council slate to re-election this November, her embittered anti-reform opposition is looking for a political visa – out of Hoboken.  

Bet Mazin’s bottom feeding fish reaches thousands, approaching 10,000 views

MSV’s original short “Downfall of a Wannabe Shark,” was reposted on the home page about a month ago.  It was featured on the main page for the first time and the runaway hit already seen thousands of times on YouTube, MSV and the hosting site never gets old.

The short seems more true today than when it was released in the summer of 2010.

Some folks even those less than supportive of Hoboken’s reform movement found it so hilarious they thought it should be turned into a series.  Unfortunately the tools in its creation changed.  The voice for Bet is no longer available and she’s gone on to do other things as the voice Siri for Apple. Read More...


Hoboken High Literary Magazine “Create” achieves national and state ranking

Hoboken Redwings announces:

As featured on Hoboken Patch: Under the tutelage of advisor Sharon Malenda, Hoboken’s Student Literary Magazine “CREATE” received a national rank of “EXCELLENT” from the NCTE (National Council of Teachers of English).  

417 schools nationwide entered this prestigious competition and out of those 417 schools only 227 were good enough to be ranked. Hoboken’s magazine faired very well nationwide, with only 159 schools earning a higher ranking of “SUPERIOR” and did even better in New Jersey, where only 22 schools ranked higher.  Falling slightly below mainly large regional New Jersey high schools and private schools, Hoboken’s magazine “CREATE” showcased the immense talent that our small school holds.  Read More...