Month: October 2012


Mayor Zimmer: PSE&G says 7 – 10 days for power restoration

PSE&G says 7 – 10 days for power restoration, according to Mayor Zimmer.
Tells Hoboken, “we’re going to get through this.”

Talking Ed Note: Unfortunately, MSV lost its story in preparation.  We’re posting the unedited video. There is some interference among a great amount of media present.  Advance the video a little when it occurs and it clears up.

There’s been bad rumors being spread.  First, that there’s something wrong with the water.  Untrue.
Also, that Mayor Zimmer shut the power off on Washington and the City.  That’s incorrect.  PSE&G is in charge of the power and shut down when things got rough with the storm.  Two of the transformers in town are inundated with water and must dry before repairs.  PSE&G will be in charge of that process. Read More...


Water receding as the pump, pumps us out. Cars entering residents only?

The NHSA pump is operating and midtown west is seeing the benefit with a lowering of the flood levels.  Some areas are clearing and the area around 9th and Jackson Street is cleared.

County officers are letting in Hoboken residents only but if told people are picking up others, they should be able to get in.  This report is unconfirmed.

The Shoprite area is still generally inaccessible but the surrounding area is improving and people are managing to get out and about.

Hoboken Public Safety is doing a superb job aiding people all over town and working with the National Guard to help people evacuate. Read More...


National Guard on the scene: first priority, medical emergencies

October 31 Hoboken 10:30 am

The City of Hoboken announced earlier via Twitter:

National Guard trucks will be going through flooded streets to evacuate those with true medical emergencies first. Get their attention; don’t go outside (in the water).

Hoboken Public Safety is also evacuating people with limited large equipment to do so.

The National Guard is on the scene as pictured here in the 4th ward.  Credit: Amardeep Singh

Talking Ed Note: Bottled water and non-perishable food is needed and can be dropped off at City Hall headquarters, 94 Washington St.


Mayor plea for National Guard answered, now the hard work begins


Many parts of Hoboken contending with flooded streets and no power trapping thousands as City makes call to arms

Late last night, the National Guard arrived after Mayor Zimmer made a public plea for their assistance on CNN.  The State of NJ is a disaster area and the demand for assistance is long and only beginning.

The mayor thanked Governor Chris Christie for his support in a tweet at 1:30 am.

Many parts of Hoboken remain in several feet of water.  Most points west of the flood zone (Willow Street) have seen record levels of water limiting Public Safety’s resources to address problems and extract people.  In an urban town of 50,000 boats and pick up trucks are in short supply. Read More...


National Guard arriving to aid evacuations, deliver supplies, pumping out, power

City of Hoboken announces:

Alert: Hurricane Sandy Update and Call for Volunteers

The City is hopeful that several high wheeled vehicles staffed by members of the National Guard will be delivered on Wednesday morning. They will be used to assist in evacuating residents and delivering supplies to flooded areas.

Flood waters are estimated to recede in about 24 to 48 hours. North Hudson Sewerage Authority estimates there are 500 million gallons of water. The flood pump is operational and pumps out 75 million gallons per day, in addition to water flowing out naturally at low tide.

PSE&G is working day and night to restore power. They estimate full restoration will take several days. Substations can not be repaired until flood waters recede.

According to United Water, the drinking water is safe to drink.

Flood waters are a mix of sewage and rain water and pose a health hazard.

The City is asking the National Guard for as many pumps as possible to assist residents in pumping out their homes.

Volunteers can assist with a community cleanup of three parks: Stevens Park, Elysian Park, and Church Square Park. Please arrive at 10:00am at the corresponding park.

Volunteers can also assist with other efforts by going to City Hall at any time. Non-perishable food can be donated at City Hall for shelters and residents who need food.

The curfew has been lifted and driving is permitted. Drivers must exercise extreme caution since most traffic signals are not functioning.

The Ragamuffin parade will be rescheduled for after flood waters recede and all residents can participate.

The possibility of garbage pickup on non-flooded streets will be announced Wednesday morning.

City employees that can reach City Hall and can volunteer with the recovery effort are asked to show up on Wednesday.
For full details, view this message on the web.

Washington Street – a sea of darkness after Hurricane Sandy.

For those who are in need, pass along the updated information: 


One family extends a hand with coffee tomorrow morning

The Faucher Family at 606 Hudson announced to MSV:

My family is lucky to have power, and we’re getting our 50 cup coffeemaker ready to serve some coffee to fellow Hobokenites who may be without power.  It would be great if you could post something on  

Starting at 7 am tomorrow, my family will be serving coffee/tea outside our home on Hudson Street – number 606.  Bring your own mug if possible.  We will be taking donations, and all proceeds will be split between the Boys and Girls Club of Hoboken, and the Jubilee Center.   

Thanks.  


Hoboken is the darkness on the edge of town

Hoboken October 30th – 7:45 pm

Tonight is the first evening the City of Hoboken is facing the challenge of being largely without power.  Washington Street was looking dark both uptown to the Hudson Tea Building and downtown without power.

Looks like most of the City falls into that boat.  Emergency vehicles are transversing regularly with their lights on.

The store on the corner of 11th and Garden StreetSacco’s Deli looked to have power.  If you are looking for something tonight, you may want to go over and see them. Read More...


Council President Peter Cunningham: Hoboken’s challenges

Hoboken – October 30th – 7:05 PM

From the desk of Hoboken City Council President Peter Cunningham:

For many of us, no all of us, it has been a challenging 48 hours.  Call to arms to protect ourselves, friends and family; dealing with the storm in many ways and now the clean up.

We have no power, like most of Hoboken, but we are at least dry.  

We don’t know when the power will come up, but the major concerns to PSE&G to day was to de-energize downed wire, and dry out the substations, before they power them up.  I was told earlier today next Monday the latest, however now I am hearing it could be Tuesday.  Hopefully it will come up sooner.

Big problem for me (and others) not being able to communicate, was not having access.  I have ATT, and the service has been very poor.  Plus, no access to my bulk emails, which is why I went to Face Book, and suggested Reverse 911.  Reverse 911 is where the City calls you with periodic update.  I tried to post to Face Book through iPhone, but somehow it did not take.  Very challenging and frustrating.

For those without power, there are many generous neighbors in and around the 5th ward with charging stations outside their homes.  Wander your neighborhood and you will find them.  Lot’s of folks helping others with pumping out their basements and first level apartments.

Please subscribe to Nixles, and “like” the City’s Facebook page.  Be well, and I’ll be in touch.  Let me know if there there are specific concerns, and anything else that I can do.

Peter Cunningham