Month: September 2012


Sign of the Times: ‘Move Forward’ illegally blocking a crosswalk

Yesterday Da Horsey trotting on Washington St. noted the door to the Mason Civic League “art gallery” door was ajar with full time picture hanger and Beth Mason political operative Matt Calicchio manning the door.

Seconds later, Da Horsey was spotted standing across the street and the door promptly closed.   Not minutes after, out came BoE Move Forward co-campaign manager Joe Branco.  Some chatter about picture taking ensued from across the entirety of Washington Street with a request for photos from Thursday night’s Room 84’s MF kickoff. Read More...


Hey Horsey show us the juice?

Well since you asked, there’s a City Council meeting on Wednesday and the first item on the agenda is resolution #1 – appointing a replacement to fill the open at-large Council seat!

There’s been much whispering, questioning and jockeying on who will be standing up for the Hoboken community, but no one in the know is saying.

Da Horsey has a good idea but we’re not going to tell you and we’re staying below the radar.  If someone wants a horse’s opinion they’d ask and no one did.  No issue here, we’re open to organic carrots and dark chestnut fillies. Read More...


Mayor Zimmer invite: ‘See you Sunday at the festival or Wednesday night for the presidential debate’

Dear Friends,
I’d love to see you at the Arts & Music Festival.

Where: Washington Street between First & Second Streets

When: This Sunday, 11-6

Why: A chance to catch up on all that’s happening in Hoboken, including:

>  new parks
>  sustainable development
>  new election locations  
>  and…important questions on the ballot this November

Stop by to chat!

Debate Watch Party Invite:  

Wednesday, October 3rd, 2012

8 -11 at Marty O’Brien’s
94 Bloomfield St., Hoboken

Everyone is welcome no matter who you support!

Come and enjoy a lively debate on the issues.

I hope to see you this Sunday,



FBI informant Solomon Dwek faces sentencing next month

Solomon Dwek, the FBI informant who became the linchpin in the government’s biggest corruption sting in New Jersey history will be facing the music for his own misdeeds next month when he is sentenced at US District Court in Newark.

Back in 2006, Dwek ran a real estate ponzi scheme and was caught depositing a fraudulent $25 million check at a drive by bank window.  The next day he returned depositing another fraudulent check for the same amount as he was wiring money out.

FBI informant Solomon Dwek at the 2010 trial
of Jersey City Deputy Mayor Leona Beldini

An excerpt from from the Star Ledger story:


Russo FBI Dwek controversy boils over as Hoboken Patch yanks “bribe” column



Hoboken Patch days after publishing a column asking if Councilman Mike Russo did in fact take a bribe from an FBI informant in 2009 yanked the feature yesterday without warning.

The post written by Scott Siegel stems from missing campaign finance records in the “Russo for Hoboken” account and was titled, “Did he or didn’t he?” As in did Councilman Mike Russo in fact take a $5,000 bribe and deposit it into his “Russo for Hoboken” account?

MSV had linked to the post in yesterday’s story and later discovered it had been pulled. Questions immediately began swirling why the column was taken down. Read More...


Untitled Post

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        We Need Your Help to Make Sure Hoboken Votes!

Dear Friends,

As we approach the November 6th Presidential election and the voter registration deadline of October 16th to vote in this election, we need as many volunteers as possible to help register new residents at this Sunday’s Hoboken Fall Arts & Music Festival.  Here are the details:

When: This Sunday, September 30, from 11 a.m. to 6 p.m.
What: Voter Registration, Outreach and Education
Where: Washington Street — look out for the Hoboken Votes! table
Why: To make our voice heard as a community!

Can you volunteer 2 hours of your time this Sunday to help us register new Hoboken residents? If so, email me at  or call at 201-647-6090 and let me know when you can join us!
If you cannot volunteer this Sunday, but want to register voters at your condominium/apartment building, neighborhood, or an event, please contact me and we’ll be there to give you everything you need to make sure everyone in your building and neighorhood is registered to vote!

Thank you and see you this Sunday!

Ravi S. Bhalla


SLAPP forces first slap back with Hoboken Free Speech Legal Defense Fund

Update: Thanks to everyone who has supported this effort to protect the right of Hoboken citizens to speak truth to power.  For those who prefer to use Paypal, you may do so anonymously using a credit or debit card.

Contributions are confidential and are not tax deductible.  No tax penalty is incurred for any contributions less than $13,000.

Again, thanks kindly to everyone who is extending generous support.  The battle is being waged for the right to criticize those connected to power in Hoboken and as one pundit noted, this political attack on speech in the Mile Square comes with big elections ahead. Read More...


Beth Mason to Ian Sacs: ‘No one gets out of here alive’

The midnight flier distributed in the second ward this week has all the earmarks of a distraction manufactured to keep Hoboken from focusing on an uncomfortable issue; the investigation into Mike Russo’s missing campaign information at the time FBI informant Solomon Dwek handed out candy to every Hudson County crook in sight.

The questions remain outstanding and Mike Russo has dropped out of sight conveniently missing the last council meeting and there’s an obvious “stand down” order not to talk about it at all.  Scott Siegel, a good government Hoboken activist for years must be scratching his head why the political operatives have dropped out of sight on his Hoboken Patch page.  Typically, they hijack whatever story he prints and change the subject to any number of political attacks. Not this time. Read More...