Month: July 2012


Word of the petitons for November municipal elections

Just heard folks are going to be out and about for November election petitions:

Down at the PATH/Ferry =&0=& 5:00 – 7:00 in the evening, and at the Family Fun Night concert at Shipyard Park 6:30-7:30. =&1=& 5:00 – 7:00 at the PATH/Ferry, – on Washington Street. The downtown PATH/Ferry 6-8PM on =&2=&, and at the Uptown Farmer’s market 3pm-7pm.  Friday: Downtown PATH/Ferry 5-7PM.

Stop by, sign up, help out!


Mason Civic League or Mason Family Civic League – that’s the question


One of the intriguing aspects, one among many of the Union City Municipal Court trial involving two Beth Mason employees is the interchangeable use of the name of the employer: the Mason Civic League and/or Mason Family Civic League.

It’s a key aspect rivaling the false testimony the judge would slam from both Mason Civic League employees.

At the June trial, both Tania Garcia and Matt Calicchio reference their employer but it’s evasive or intentionally deceitful how they do so – with Garcia being quite unclear and Calicchio attempting to color his employment for the “gallery.” Read More...


They’re Hereeeeeeeeeee!

Somewhat sooner than expected but the court transcripts have arrived and MSV has notified the contributors on receiving a copy via email as the third party website used in the fundraising does not provide email addresses or permit an attachment to funders in its contacting mechanism.

There’s not many left who haven’t had a copy emailed but if you haven’t received the transcripts, please send a note to identifying your donor name and the email address you wish to have the document sent. The transcripts for State vs. Calicchio make for some fascinating reading as the Court was clearly aghast at the relative ease in committing perjury by the two Mason Civic League employees. =&0=& More to come…

Hoboken petition will Let the People Decide when to hold municipal elections



A petition circulating last weekend proposes a November referendum this fall giving voters in the coming presidential election a choice on when to hold Hoboken municipal elections.  Those elections are currently scheduled for May next spring.

If approved, the referendum will move municipal elections scheduled from May to later in the fall in November.

Separately, a second petition proposes ending runoff elections eliminating a costly expenditure for both taxpayers and candidates.  Three at-large council seats and the mayor would be affected in any switch likely decided this November by Hoboken voters.  If voters approve the measures, their terms would be extended in the one time switch from May to November next year. Read More...


Untitled Post

Drop by this Sunday, July 29, from 2 – 5 pm, for
Grand Opening of “I Belong” and “Hoboken in Print”
Join us this Sunday from 2 – 5 pm for a free opening reception for our latest exhibits: “I Belong: A History of Civic and Social Clubs in Hoboken” and “Hoboken in Print: Hand-Cut Stencil Screen Prints by Ricardo Roig.”
“I Belong” traces the history and cultural significance of the many social, theatrical, athletic, and philanthropic clubs that have knit together the diverse population of Hoboken from the late 1700s through today. It will be on view in the main gallery from July 29 – Dec. 23. Artifacts and articles on these clubs will show how important they were to Hoboken’s social fabric, and a section of the exhibit will offer visitors a chance to research new and ongoing clubs in town. During the five-month exhibition, the Museum will host talks by visiting scholars and local historians, as well as engaging educational programs designed for children of all ages.
“Hoboken in Print,” features the latest work by local artist Ricardo Roig, who creates intricate, layered screen prints of Hoboken scenes constructed of hand-inked, hand-cut stencils. His work will be on view in the Museum’s upper gallery from July 29 – Sept. 9.
Click here or on the image below to visit our website and learn more about these exhibits.

From the Turtle Club to the Hudsonia Fencing Club to the BPO Elks, Hobokenites have found common ground through a diverse array of social clubs and civic organizations.
“Twilight in the Park” by Ricardo Roig
Miss the Tunnel Show? Visit Our Virtual Galleries!
Click on the image above to visit the first of 15 virtual galleries archiving our “Driving Under the Hudson” exhibit. 
Mars Rover Tech from GigaPanPreserves Exhibits Online Technology used by the Mars Rover robotic vehicles to capture richly detailed images of the red plant has become so affordable that the Museum can now archive its exhibits in online galleries. The Museum is now using GigaPan’s robotic mounts and software that enables Collections Manager David Webster to stitch together hundreds of high-resolution digital photos to create panoramic galleries of our exhibitions for patrons to enjoy long after the exhibit closes. Click on the titles “Driving Under the Hudson” and “Ta-Da! Artworks by Beth Lucas” to visit our website to find links to our first online galleries. Use the icon to expand the image to fill your screen, then use the directional arrows to pan across or double click to zoom in closer to see the image in greater detail. Simply click your escape key to return to a normal sized browser window.

The Bard of Hoboken on Nurse Ratchett, Gumby and a psychotic break

Remember when Matt dressed as Gumby for Halloween?  Followed by Beth as nurse Ratchett the hospital killing queen,  Next thing you know Matt has all this traveling green,  and purportedly made sexual advances on a girl just 14. 

Now we all know Matt is totally obsessed with the WWE, 

and if he thinks its real it is not a crime as far as I can see, 

But the stories of his multiple harassments bring his victims no glee, 

Whats next- will he offer to pay a chick $100 to watch him pee? Read More...


Council President Cunningham on the Viaduct construction traffic impact

From the desk of Council President Peter Cunningham:

Dear friends, family and neighbors,  As you all know, the NW part of Hoboken is experiencing a tremendous amount of construction activity with major projects like 14th and Willow and the 14th Street viaduct reconstruction.   While generally the contractors are recognizing their need to be respectful of the surrounding community, it doesn’t come without having a watchful eye, and continuously reminding them of their obligation – especially to the law, like the City’s noise ordinance and vehicular traffic laws – and pedestrian safety.  It is a real challenge daily. At our most recent community meeting at Carpe Diem a couple of weeks ago, an update to the 14th Street viaduct reconstruction revealed that this roadway will close during the day to provide for the contractor to lay in place very large pieces of steel.  At one point, the county had informed us that they were considering late night activity to bring these large pieces of steel into the work area.  When I learned of this action, I immediately advocated against it.  Many thanks to Mayor Zimmer and the County Executive DeGuise to curtail the proposed actions of the contractor. But we cannot stop the progress to actually get this job done, and there will be inconveniences to everyone leaving the north end of Hoboken starting mid August.  Please see press release below. Please review this material closely and plan accordingly.  And as always, please let me know if you have any questions or concerns.  We will have another planned community meeting in September, and Fields Construction has agreed to be there as well to represent their projects in the area.  Thanks and continue to enjoy your summer!   Peter Cunningham 201-562-7071 =&0=&th=&2=& On or about August 13, 2012 and lasting for approximately 10 weeks, traffic on the 14th Street Viaduct will be closed in the west-bound direction from 9am to 3pm. East-bound traffic will remain open. The contract for construction of the viaduct called for the complete closure of the viaduct at night to install 50 beams that average 120 feet long. This work is not noise-free, but was expected to be done at night in August and September to reduce daytime traffic delays. After further consideration, the contractor indicated that they can leave one lane open on the viaduct if they were permitted to work during the day. The hours of lane closure would be from 9am to 3pm to avoid peak period traffic. Traffic congestion is still expected, but the benefit of the daytime detour is to not disturb area residents at night from the noise. Mayor Zimmer is thankful to Hudson County for working to find an alternative to nighttime construction.

There is no additional cost or time involved with the detour change. Sheriffs will be stationed at each end of the viaduct and would, as necessary, allow emergency vehicles through. The century-old Viaduct will be completely replaced as part of a $45 million dollar infrastructure upgrade of this section of Northwest Hoboken overseen by the County. =&3=&th=&5=& Westbound Traffic Detour Description: Southern Detour: From Viaduct to Willow Avenue (South) Right to Newark Street Right to Observer Highway Right to Paterson Avenue Straight to Paterson Plank Road Straight to Viaduct approach Northern Detour: From Viaduct to Willow Avenue (North) Left to 19th Street Right to Hackensack Plank Road Left to Palisade Avenue Left to Paterson Plank Road Left to Viaduct approach

Transcripts are coming!

As an update in the June harassment trial in Union City Municipal Court involving a 4th ward committeeman in the employ of Councilwoman Beth Mason and a BoE official, the full transcript should be completed by the end of next week.

The Union City court has processed the payment raised from the Hoboken community.  No OPRA or additional paperwork was required.

In the case Judge Sixto Macias along with the prosecutor expressed great misgivings about the testimony of two Mason Civic League employees.  (That’s an understatement.)  The Hudson Reporter referenced the court saying no perjury charges would be filed against the two even with both expressing exasperation with the lying on the stand by Mason’s employees. Read More...


Albany woman on Beth Mason Civic League “charity” employee – Matt Calicchio, ‘I just wanted to warn everyone and women’

=&0=& =&1=&

The Albany woman who made an earlier call for a petition against Mason Civic League employee Matt Calicchio is now saying she only hopes to share a warning for women and everyone… for safety.

Earlier Grafix Avenger detailed an account of a conversation where Matt Calicchio who works for the Beth Mason family makes some less than savory sexual requests for “a lot of cash.”

MSV originally broke the story that has received national and international attention on Monday after a clash between Matt Calicchio and WWE wrestler CM Punk brought TSA and police to the area of the clash at the St. Louis airport Monday night. Read More...


Horse Sense: The past is prologue in the war for Hoboken’s soul

Three years ago this very week the State of NJ was turned on its ear with the biggest corruption case in its history.  Hoboken became a late casualty relatively speaking when FBI informant Solomon Dwek visited Hudson County and netted a network of good ole boys between Hoboken and Jersey City.

The short lived term of less than a month of Peter Cammarano as Hoboken mayor hit like a tsunami but left almost as quickly as the receding waters.  The Old Guard paused, smirked, and re-assembled for business as usual installing Tim Occhipinti as its rejoinder, running an incalculable amount of “campaign workers” producing 500 paper ballots for a ward election where less than 800 votes total would normally win the election outright.
That familiar scowl.  Peter Cammarano is gone but his legacy lives on with Hoboken’s Old Guard.
Cynical?  The Old Guard wasn’t done yet.  Viewing Mayor Zimmer as illegitimate when she took the reins from day one, there’s been no respite, no detente, no objective but her and Hoboken’s destruction. A buyer for the local hospital, a miracle drawn out in a legitimate, legal and future standard for similar institutions became the target of sabotage, venal hatreds and closure.

Bankrupting the City of Hoboken considered a mere side political benefit in what Tim Occhipinti would so smugly declare of the hospital sale, “It’s not our deal.”  Meaning of course the hospital’s demise was merely a side benefit to take down the mayor.  Sabotaging the sale of a century old institution and putting 1,000 people out of work mere cannon fodder.  Read More...