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Celebrate the 4th with the Museum on 14th St. Pier
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Join the Museum for the Macy’s Fireworks on the Hudson
14th Street Pier, July 4th, starting at 6 pm
Watch the Macy’s Fourth of July fireworks from the best seats on the Hudson: the 14th Street Pier! The Museum is hosting a family-friendly barbecue with hotdogs, hamburgers, veggie burgers and beverages. Admission is $50, which includes food and beverage. Kids admitted free. We also ask that you bring a side dish or dessert, and your own lawn chair. The evening starts at 6 pm, and wraps after the grand finale. Advance reservations are required.Call 201-656-2240 or stop by the Museum this weekend to reserve your spot. Remember, we are closed for a month to install our next exhibition after Sunday. If you can’t reach us by phone during our open hours (12-5 pm Sat & Sun; 2 – 7 pm on Tuesday), send an email to info@hobokenmuseum.orgwith your phone number and a good time to call.  On View thru Sunday at the Museum…
Holland and Lincoln Tunnels – click on the image to read more
If you haven’t seen the Museum’s current exhibition, “Driving Under the Hudson,” you have just one day left!For the rest of the month, the Museum will be installing our next exhibition, “I Belong: A History of Civic and Social Clubs in Hoboken.” We reopen July 29 with a free reception from 2 – 5 pm. “Driving Under the Hudson” This year the Holland Tunnel turns 85, and the Lincoln 75. The Museum invites you to explore the tunnels’ back story and cultural significance in our current Main Gallery exhibition, Driving Under the Hudson, The History of the Holland and Lincoln Tunnels, which will be on view through July 1. Come check out the “catwalk car” on loan from the Port Authority, along with many fascinating historic documents and artifacts that illustrate the struggle it took to build these two engineering marvels.

Thanks to a bitterly cold winter in 1917-1918 that froze the Hudson, followed by a marine workers’ strike the following year, officials in New York and New Jersey quickly mobilized to build the country’s first vehicular under-river tunnel in 1919. Opened in 1927, the Holland Tunnel, named for its chief engineer Clifford Holland, was called the “Eighth Wonder of the World.” It was another decade before the first tube of the Lincoln Tunnel opened, in 1937, and the second and third took another two decades.

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Beth Lucas’s Art Show, “Ta-Da!”
Also on View Through July 1

Macy’s Parade Studio head scenic artist Beth Lucas uses brightly colored acrylic paints to translate familiar shapes– from architectural details to the common paper coffee cup–into larger-than-life images on canvas and linoleum that can hang on walls, or even serve as floor-coverings or table tops, once they’re coated in tough polyurethane. Read More...


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MSV usually posts this annually and did so in January under the story, “Horse Sense: From the Mayan angle, 2012 is transformation and Hoboken’s looms large, but for those of an inquiring mind here it is again:

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Random thoughts from the Hoboken Horse on the Mile Square

It’s going to be a lovely summer Friday in the mile square and it feels good to breathe its air.  Today there will be no looting of monies at City Hall, no ton of quarters will be rolling out the back door to a mob related firm in South Jersey, no groundbreaking will take place on a massive tower in any part of town and no jobs will be given out in a back room deal without a resume at the expense of the local taxpayer.

Today the City of Hoboken will not be run like a crime family.

Today the good guys are wondering what next they can do to make Hoboken better. Read More...


Sign of the Times: Italy KO’s Germany, faces Spain in European Cup Final

A family dressed in Italy’s national colors enjoys a late Sunday afternoon in Hoboken. 

Italy defeated Germany 2-1 only surrendering a late goal in injury time and will face defending European and World Cup Champions Spain in the final.

Germany joins England, France, Portugal with the Neverlands exiting the European Cup.
Italy and Spain will square off for the championship Sunday afternoon in Kiev, Ukraine for all the marbles.

Italy had previously eliminated Germany in front of its home crowd in the 2006 World Cup semi-final.


The Obamacare Tax – the NJ View

Two NJ State Senators released statements on the narrow 5-4 ruling in the Supreme Court upholding Obamacare, rejecting it under the Commerce Clause but approving it as a tax:

=&0=& Senator Barbara Buono, D-Middlesex and a member of Senate Health, Human Services and Senior Citizens Committee, made the following statement today after the Supreme Court’s historic ruling on the Affordable Care Act: “The American people are the true winners today, as the Supreme Court has affirmed the Democrats’ sensible efforts at health care reform.  New Jerseyans with pre-existing conditions are the true winners, as they will no longer live in fear of being denied insurance.  Young adults are the true winners, as they will be able to remain covered under their parents’ insurance plans and they seek out their first full-time jobs in this hard economy.  The chronically ill are the true winners as there will no longer be a lifetime cap on health benefits.  And every other American is a true winner as health insurance will become more affordable as we expand coverage pools, reduce administrative costs and remove co-pays and deductibles for preventative care.  Today the rule of law triumphed over political attacks looking to deny millions of Americans more affordable health care.” STATEMENT OF SENATOR AND CANDIDATE FOR U.S. SENATE JOE KYRILLOS ON SUPREME COURT DECISION Middletown, June 28…State Senator and Candidate for U.S. Senate Joe Kyrillos released the following statement today regarding the Supreme Court’s ruling on the constitutionality of the Affordable Care Act. “Today’s Supreme Court decision may have confirmed the constitutionality of the legislation, but one fact remains: the massive, expensive health care overhaul voted for by Senator Menendez is bad policy.

Government run healthcare spends money we don’t have, loots Medicare, limits patient choice, and continues to place a cloud of uncertainty over our economy. Congress can and must repeal and replace it with more sensible reforms like providing coverage for those with pre-existing conditions.

Here in New Jersey, we’ve seen how the Corzine-Menendez pattern of raising taxes, spending more and leaving the bills to future generations does not work- it left us nearly bankrupt. Read More...


Mayor Zimmer sounds alarm on legislation giving zoning override for Stevens on the waterfront

In a letter to Hoboken’s senate representative Brian Stack, Mayor Dawn Zimmer sounds the alarm on legislation on the table in the NJ Senate allowing private colleges to bypass local zoning rules in construction.

This legislation if passed in the Senate, Assembly and signed into law would allow Stevens to build a tower on their property near Sinatra park as big on the Hudson as the one NJ Transit or the Rockefeller Group have proposed.

Avoiding a huge tower on the Hudson River waterfront is an objective of Mayor Zimmer opposing legislation that would allow Stevens to bypass local zoning rules on their property including one on the Hudson River.  Above, she’s battled to protect Hoboken’s southern flank from NJ Transit.

NJ State Senator Stephen Sweeney- Senate President 

=&1=& Please consider expressing your concern by taking two minutes to make a call to the Senate President: 
(856) 251-9801(West Deptford) =&3=&(856) 339-0808 (Salem).
Email is a second choice:

Talking Ed Note: It’s not often Da Horsey asks folks to take direct action.  This is one of those rare instances.
Let Hoboken’s voice be heard!


The Boys of Summer: new bats and balls, in Hoboken “let’s play two!”

The old Chicago Cubs Hall of Famer Ernie Banks is famous for saying, “It’s a great day for a ball game; let’s play two!”  Well for the Boys of Summer in Newark, the games are getting longer and a daytime double header looks more like a long twilight double header when Hoboken is in the mix.

Former Public Safety Director Angel Alicia leaving a Ruben Ramos fundraiser
at the Elysian last April.  The weekend paper highlighted public safety in 

the FBI’s ongoing Hoboken investigation.
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Did Beth Mason’s Weehawken fish screw the pooch on the FBI?

It’s not even grist worthy as in MSV’s Grist for the Mill column but there’s been a rumor flying around that the weekend fishwrap FBI story wasn’t the one a Mason Civic League board member had in mind.

Said fish, a wannabe shark from Weehawken is rumored to have commissioned his latest masterpiece, this one planting a story on the Boys of Summer in Hoboken would be a swell idea.

The US Attorney’s Office responded to the inquiry on their Hoboken investigation by saying, ‘What that investigation?  Yes, that’s quite the ongoing investigation.’ Read More...


State Senator Joe Kyrillos aims to take on Senator Menendez for New Jersey’s US Senate seat

November’s national election may not pose much drama for New Jersey which many expect to see in President Obama’s electoral votes column but the larger drama could come in the form of its US Senate race.

Incumbent NJ Senator Bob Menendez will be facing State Senator Joe Kyrillos on the ballot and unease is showing up where Mendendez falls short of the 50% danger line based on polling in late spring.  Incumbents falling below 50% approval are thought with reason to be very vulnerable to defeat. Read More...