Month: March 2012


Who’s out on the streets today collecting Republican committee petitions?

There’s a huge scuttlebutt on the streets today as a scramble for Republican Committee petitions are due on Monday.  Scuttlebutt Horsey?  Yes, and you would not believe it if you knew the rumors of who’s out and about.

MSV is looking to confirm more on this before a story is ready but let’s just say, keep your phone cameras at the ready and if you see known Democrats collecting signatures, there’s only one committee on tap: Republican.

Use a nice portable camera and send those clear photos to: Read More...


Monarch Battle Update

Hoboken Residents for a Public Waterfront announce:

We have a few updates on the fight against the Monarch Development. 
At their most recent meeting the Hudson County Planning Board memorialized their resolution to deny Shipyard Associates’ application to construct Monarch at the Shipyard.  This was a significant victory for our group and didn’t come without some fireworks.  Shipyard Associates’ counsel attempted to circumvent the board’s vote and force them to approve the application. Read More...


Loyalty to Hoboken not the Old Guard: Big Mo on million $$$ ripoff

In the end, Mo DeGennaro will be remembered as a man who spoke his mind and would not sweep under the rug what transpired in the Hoboken Parking Utility.

At the 1:40 minute mark of this video, he pushes the envelope on the seven figure ripoff.  In doing so, we see who is truly who when it comes to the City of Hoboken and its taxpayers.

With a hat tip to the Russo clan, here is Big Mo telling it like it is in one simple question.
Thank you Mo.  Thank you for loving Hoboken above all.

 Talking Ed Note: MSV hears John Corea’s sentencing has been changed to early April. We’re trying to confirm it and will let the readers know when we do. Read More...


Mo DeGennaro passes away

Mo DeGennaro a prominent Hoboken resident known for his booming voice at City Council meetings passed away earlier today.  He was according to one source and friend 72 and suffered recently from a respiratory problem.

In recent months the regular fixture at City Council meetings no longer attended.  He was known for his call for accountability of government officials and is famous for inquiring on the missing “million” from the Parking Utility. Unlike some people who wished to sweep the problem under the rug, DeGennaro demanded that Hoboken’s best interest be the primary focus. One of his other most famous public pronouncements was when he rose to say Beth Mason should never become mayor of Hoboken.  As someone who had supported her, he knew how her colors had changed.
Big Mo was a fixture at Council meetings.  His booming voice was heard inside and out.
His famous question on the Parking Utility ripoff makes him a beloved figure to many in Hoboken.
Mo was right to ask.  It had not been “cleared up.”
=&0=&: MSV saw Mo at many a meeting.  We knew him long before he knew Da Horsey.  When we finally were introduced he made it clear he was a supporter of this website.  He would always encourage Da Horsey saying, “Keep it up.” While two no people will agree on everything, he knew well enough that whatever we disagreed on was far outweighed by a mutual genuine concern for Hoboken. MSV wishes to express its sympathy to the DeGennaro family on their loss.

Related: A Hoboken Policeman saved Mo’s life back in 2010.  It’s important to note:

=&1=&: Visitation will be at =&2=&

Hoboken Democratic Committee Elections – Cancelled!

The local Democratic Committee elections have been cancelled for this year.

Last night a meeting took place at Willie McBride’s among the factions of Reform and the Old Guard with 50 members showing up who voted by unanimous consent not to continue the battle royale in Hoboken hitting every political (and some say non-political) segment of the City – at least for the committee this year.

All current committee seat holders will be carried over for a full year.

Jamie Cryan, the nominal head of the committee was in the end politically astute to embrace the overture to focus on the larger state and national elections.  He wasn’t originally receptive to the idea although the committee’s focus in a national election year is eyeing the Senate and Presidential races to benefit Senator Menendez and President Obama. Read More...


Sign of the Times: Hoboken Government – past, present and future

Here’s more photos from Amanda’s Wednesday night.  MSV will be adding in to this story periodically so check back for more photos, story and gristy chewables as it was flying.

The Wiley Coyote, Eric Kurta was lured out with big game Government corruption the dinner theme
Councilwoman Jen Giattino was seated at a table with former Business Administrator Richard England
Da Horsey begged for a picture and they graciously complied.
The book was a star of the evening and moved at a rapid clip.  The author Peter Schweizer noted interest has crossed all political lines as Americans don’t like seeing corruption dragging down the country.  It was a striking Hoboken theme so many here are readily keen to but the numbers and people involved is staggering.
Former Speakers Nancy Pelosi, Dennis Hastert,  John Kerry among the few pols of many with crony capitalists George Soros and Warren Buffet also featured in the discussion over dinner.
Peter Schweizer author of “Throw them all out,” was a big hit with the audience.  Available on Amazon:

City has green light to move on Jackson St. fire site

City of Hoboken announces:

=&0=& On Friday, March 30th, the City of Hoboken will begin the process of remediation and partial demolition of the property that suffered significant fire damage at 1st Street and Jackson Street.

Previously, the City hired engineers to examine the structure and assess the extent of the damage. Engineers determined that while the second floor suffered major damage and needed to be demolished, the first floor is structurally sound and does not require demolition. The City ordered the property owner to conduct the required demolition work, however the property owner failed to complete the work during the allotted time. The City was prepared to step in, conduct the demolition, and place a lien against the property for the cost of all work. “No Parking” signs were placed in the area to provide for a safe pedestrian path around the property and to allow space for staging demolition equipment. However the property owner has been challenging the City in court and has delayed the ability of the City to conduct this work. Finally, on Thursday, March 29th, the court re-affirmed the City’s ability to conduct the demolition in the absence of the property owner completing the work, and the City will be proceeding with the planned demolition work. Read More...


Author! Author! Two superb book events in Hoboken last night

Author meet author.  The Republicans of Hoboken event brought together two current authors who each have some excellent reviews and buzz.  Peter Schweizer author of “Throw them All Out: How Politicians and their Friends Get Rich greets author Diana Henriques who spoke at the Hoboken library on her book “Wizard of Lies.”
Great night in Hoboken with two outstanding cultural book events.  MSV started at the Hoboken Public Library and caught most of Diano Henriques’ presentation and Q&A to a standing room only audience  to discuss her book “Wizard of Lies.”  The book is a complete chronology of Bernie Madoff and his decades long Wall Street ponzi scheme.   Da Horsey then worked uptown for a dinner at Amanda’s where Peter Schweizer spoke to two filled to capacity rooms on his revealing investigative book detailing =&0=& – the political class in Washington enriching themselves while in “public service” as Congressman and Senators. Both events were terrific and Da Horsey has begun reading Schweizer’s book.  We’ll have more to come but to say we’re impressed is an understatement.   “Throw Them All Out,” is a primer on insider trading, IPO deals and taxpayer money by the people we elect to serve us but who on the whole come to Washington middle class and leave millionaires. None of this sadly is an accident.  From former House Speaker Nancy Speaker to Dennis Hastert, Senator John Kerry and dozens of people close to President Obama – everyone is fattening up at the expense of the taxpayer and our Republic. It’s unclear after hearing him how so many diners kept their food down.  It’s far worse than you can imagine and the book is a warning shot across the bow against Crony Capitalism. More on Peter Schweizer’s blockbuster: Hoboken author Diana Henriques’ Bernie Madoff book “Wizard of Lies,” as featured on Hoboken Patch:
Mayor Dawn Zimmer has a laugh with author Diana Henriques and Assemblyman Ruben Ramos.
All of MSV’s photos are taken without flash so as to not disrupt the diners.
This was the shot of the night. 
=&1=& In addition to being a great cultural night for Hoboken, there were many notable people in attendance including Mayor Dawn Zimmer, Councilwoman Jen Giattino, BoE trustee Leon Gold,  the Wiley Coyote himself Eric Kurta, Young Republicans Hudson County Chair James Sanford, former Hoboken Business Administrator Richard England all attended the dinner.  The event was hosted by the Republicans of Hoboken Chair Diana Davis. Assemblyman Ruben Ramos stopped by to press the flesh and get some good will for his unannounced 2013 mayoral run.  Yes we said it.  More on that and one terrific evening to come.

Beth Mason’s cameraman, Stalker Tim stalks Grafix Avenger

=&0=& =&1=&

Beth Mason’s cameraman and political operative Tim had a new stalking assignment Tuesday night – stalking a member of the public in their unpaid service on the Hoboken Zoning Board.

Last night the target of was Grafix Avenger.

Tim’s previously filmed in service to Councilwoman Beth Mason at City Council meetings, the Board of Education and extensively over hours at the former City employee Bill Campbell’s hearing.

What most residents don’t know is Beth Mason’s cameraman is a stalker. Read More...