Month: October 2011


Sign of the Halloween Times: The Beth Russo embrace

Before the City Council meeting, a hasty sidebar strategy session was shared by Council members Beth Mason and Mike Russo.  Apparently, the collapse of the opposition did not permit them sufficient time to fully prepare a plausible narrative to feed the public.

The political stunt of releasing a “council minority agreement” with new HUMC owners Holdco went out right before the City Council meeting.  It was posted on two local news sites without any scrutiny.  Got journalism?
Let’s see it then.  If your print such,  you are required now to explain it.

Here Beth Mason is embracing Mike Russo to share some tidbit of strategy for their political theater soon to follow.  The audience was having none of it and was at times downright hostile pricking their narrative almost from the very start. Read More...


Victory for HUMC & Hoboken – the video

Here’s a segmented video showing comments by HMHA Chairwoman Toni Tomarazzo and Mayor Dawn Zimmer along with the council vote.  A spontaneous moment is captured when the audience burst in applause to thank the mayor for her efforts.

The following video was made by Hoboken resident Greg Bond who attended the City Council meeting last night.  The video begins outside City Hall when hospital employees are greeted with applause by the public, many of whom were part of Hoboken’s reform movement. Read More...


The art or artless selling of the lie, “a political stunt” undone

The startling collapse of the opposition to making immediate the parking agreement allowing the hospital to move its sale to completion will be remembered for what Council President Ravi Bhalla aptly called an “11th hour political stunt.”

Councilwoman Beth Mason attempted to hijack the meeting at the beginning to announce a non-binding “deal” with Holdco but was stopped by the Council President.  The public’s response was overwhelmingly negative to its messengers Beth Mason and Mike Russo.
Face saving attempt: Councilwoman Beth Mason tried repeatedly to have read a “deal” she said was made with the new owners of the hospital but could not hijack the meeting and do so.  She would make attempts to have it read by Assemblywoman Joan Quigley and Freeholder Anthony Romano.  Those attempts also failed.
The public spoke first per the council rules and Council President Ravi Bhalla once again demonstrated a mastery of the proceedings by any measure.  He maintained decorum for the benefit of all involved and continues to impress with both his skill and acumen through a high pressure situation that could have degenerated into a circus. A senior executive in a conversation with MSV at the hospital less than an hour before the council meeting expressed optimism the vote would be unanimous.   The mayor played a critical role behind the scenes bringing this to fruition.   Here’s the complete statement that was released to the Jersey Journal, the Hudson Reporter and also coordinated with Beth Mason’s political operation at Hoboken411 right before the meeting:

The Hoboken City Council Minority, composed of Council Members Theresa Castellano, Beth Mason, Michael Russo, and Tim Occhipinti, and HUMC Holdco, the proposed buyer of the Hoboken hospital, have reached an agreement to enact HUMC Holdco’s parking access agreement immediately in exchange for a written agreement to keep the Read More...


Sign of the Times: Landmark victory for Hoboken and Mayor Zimmer saving hospital

After the big turnaround with a unanimous vote in favor of making the parking agreement official for the sale of Hoboken University Medical Center, Dr. Abby Jacobs enveloped Mayor Dawn Zimmer in a joyful embrace as a packed council chamber applauds celebrating a miracle for the hospital.

There’s little to say as MSV will have video saying it all!  The council majority sat on an embarrassment of riches when their opposition crumbled in the face of a huge turnout of Hoboken residents and hospital employees.

An attempt to present an illegal side deal by the council minority as being conclusive to the Hoboken victory was met with derision by the majority of the audience in attendance.  That minority “deal” is an unenforceable farce meaning nothing.  MSV understands some will attempt to sell that “smell.” Read More...


Victory for Hoboken!

Hoboken Superheroes Batman and Robin both showed up and showed strong support to say yes to the resolution.

With recriminations both overt and covert flying and an audience cheering for Hoboken Reform council members, Mayor Dawn Zimmer along with HMHA Chairwoman Toni Tomarzzo graciously spoke of the anticipated victory for seeing Hoboken University Medical Center saved with a unanimous 8-0 vote to make the earlier passed parking agreement immediately effective.

The vote ensures the smooth transition of HUMC to the new owners Holdco. Mayor Dawn Zimmer said a closing on the sale is expected by Tuesday. Read More...


Multiple sources: Parking agreement made official today paving way for hospital sale

Multiple sources both inside and outside the hospital indicate the parking agreement will be made effective today paving the way for the sale of the hospital on Tuesday.

One independent source in City Hall stated “the wheeling and dealing has been struck.”

The Council Chambers is packed with Hoboken residents and hospital employees. A strong turnout is in attendance from Reform as called by the de facto leader, Mayor Dawn Zimmer.

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Tim Occhipinti admits: Holdco contracted to keep HUMC open seven years, will finally consider allowing sale to complete

In an interview with Hoboken Patch reporter Amanda Staub released just earlier, a member of MORTe finally has spoken publicly on the mayor’s call to allow the hospital sale to close this week by allowing the immediate approval of the previously passed parking agreement.

The parking agreement requires 20 days to become effective unless six votes roll it back in the council.

“I am considering everything,” Occhipinti said in the interview on tonight’s meeting.  He added the mayor was scaring people and said the hospital’s closure could be paid off in $4.5 million annual payments. Read More...


Councilmen Dave Mello and Peter Cunningham: Raise your voice for Hoboken tonight

From the desk of Councilman Dave Mello:

Dear Friends and Neighbors, This evening, at 6:00 PM, the Hoboken City Council will be holding a Special Meeting, called by Mayor Zimmer.  I am requesting your attendance at and participation in this emergency meeting – WE SINCERELY NEED YOUR HELP!  During this meeting, we will be voting on a parking agreement that needs to be passed in order for the City of Hoboken to sell our hospital: Hoboken University Medical Center.  This sale will have a number of beneficial effects on your families, your community, and your wallet, including: Please understand, the parking garage that we wish to enter into an agreement with the hospital purchasers regarding only exists because the old hospital owners deeded land to the City of Hoboken over a decade ago to construct it.  This garage was a win-win for the City of Hoboken and the then St. Mary’s Hospital because it:
  • Created sufficient parking for the hospital employees and patients.
  • Allowed the hospitals then surface parking lot property to be used for the construction of the hospital’s new emergency room.
  • Allowed Hoboken to build and OWN a centrally located garage, massive in size, with the majority of its spots serving residents of Hoboken.
Please read this quoted section from an August 23, 2002 article printed in the Hoboken Reporter for more on this history of this garage: =&11=& The other large-scale construction project that the HPA is currently undertaking is the St. Mary Midtown Garage. The new 740-space garage is being built adjacent to the St. Mary Hospital between Third and Fourth streets on Clinton Street. The garage is scheduled to open as early as October. The lease signing, which was held last =&12=& is a public-private partnership in which =&13=&