Month: September 2011


BREAKING: City release complete bid of HUMC Holdco

Here is the complete original bid submittal from Holdco:


Talking Ed Note: This is the winning bid originally announced as going into exclusive negotiations after unanimous selection by the board of the Hospital Authority.

It clearly meets the objects the Hospital Authority set out.  No other bidder can make that claim.  Hoboken is fortunate one did and is crossing the finish line.

The hyperpartisan politics of those seeking power have tried to derail it for their own ends since the original announcement back on January 4 of this year. Read More...


Bids received on Jackson Street park with completion eyed end of year

City of Hoboken announces:

=&0=&=&1=&=&1=& The City of Hoboken has received bids for a City-Wide Playground Improvements project. The project will include new playground equipment and safety surfacing at Jackson Street Park, Jefferson Park and Legion Park. The City of Hoboken anticipates awarding the project at the next City Council meeting on October 5, 2011. The project will commence shortly thereafter and is expected to be completed by the end of 2011. “I believe every Hoboken resident should have a quality park just a short walk away,” said Mayor Dawn Zimmer. “These new playgrounds are part of a city-wide capital investment plan to improve our existing parks while we work to create new ones for our growing population and underserved neighborhoods.” Get the latest Hoboken news: Email | Text |Website | Facebook | Twitter | RSS

JNESO, P3 and Beth Mason united in effort against Holdco

Even thought the time for bids on the Hoboken University Medical Center is long past, the effort to continue arguing the matter continues.

Yesterday the Hudson Reporter had a statement from one of the losing bidders, P3 – the group who allowed their non-disclosure agreement to become public and saw the City of Hoboken release theirs this week.  The release of that bid along with that of Jersey City Medical Center made it clear in any objective reading that Holdco’s bid was far and away superior and the only one meeting all the criteria set out by the Hospital Authority. Read More...


Guest of the Stable: Tina Hahn – on the hospital sale

On Sunday September 11th I attended the Hoboken remembrance ceremony on Pier A.  Among the many speakers was a rabbi who talked about how 19 people were responsible for killing close to 3,000.  He also spoke about the power of 19 people doing 3,000 acts of kindness.  The point is if 19 people can harness that much destruction imagine how much good could come out of channeling the same level of energy in a positive way.  Sitting in the front rows were many of our local, county and state political officials.  The actions taken by some of our local officials in last week’s council meeting and in the days to follow tell me the officials present at the ceremony missed the rabbi’s message.  Until we lose the us versus them mentality and putting politics before the people in Hoboken we will not move forward.  Our city expends so much time battling selfish egotistical political jockeying.  Imagine where we would be today if we all worked together channeling the finger pointing energy in a positive direction for the benefit of all.

There are three key facts in regards to Hoboken University Hospital.    

1.  It is losing money hand over fist every day and has been losing money for years; and it is due to close if it is not sold.  (It has already filed for bankruptcy.)   
2.  If the hospital closes without being sold the taxpayers are on the hook for a $52M bond.  Plus, over 1,000 jobs will be lost. 
 3.  The only option to save the hospital while also protecting the taxpayer and thousands of jobs is to SELL IT.   I watched many elected officials go to the microphone at the state board hospital meeting and AGREE the hospital is in danger and MUST be sold.  For that reason I am disgusted that our local elected officials chose to harness the power of negative energy in voting down the $5M bond resolution needed to execute the sale for the sake of their own ego’s and agendas.   
When their plan fell apart they had the audacity to criticize the Mayor for coming up with a solution by getting the state to support.  I do not agree with everything Mayor Zimmer does but her actions last week represent what true leadership is about.   Councilwoman Mason as a resident of the 2nd Ward, I expect more of my representation.  I suggest you put your obstructionist personal vendetta against those trying to move the city forward aside and focus on things that improve our ward like replacing the speed bump on Hudson St by Elysian Park, cleaning up the drug paraphernalia found daily in Maxwell Place Park and initiating a project to beautify the concrete Maxwell Pier.   
Enough is enough; it’s time for Hoboken to stop fighting and work together to make our city a better place for all its citizens. Read More...


City for sale, an insider view of Hoboken vote buying in the 4th ward

Hoboken’s 4th ward and its western edge is a historically notorious arena for rampant vote buying as a way of life during election season with monied political interests descending on the most economically deprived area of town like vultures.  A not so old refrain says the 4th ward is where reform goes to die.  More often than not, it’s proven to be exactly that.  This investigative report provides insight from the perspective of two paid 4th ward voters.  Their story is not unique.  They are part of an invisible army of hundreds.  Even as it’s undetermined what result if any will come from the NJ Attorney General on numerous problems forwarded by the Hudson County Prosecutor Office in the 4th ward special election last November, the operations to buy votes, in both paper ballots and at the polls continues since in the April BoE election and May council race.
Hoboken Housing Authority on lower Jackson St.

The Big Man may give it a go!

The speculation was waning, the opening for announcing a run for the Republican nomination looked closed, but then Gov. Christie made a speech at the Ronald Reagan library in California and had a chat with some influential people he admires after.

This according to a story by co-author of “The Jersey Sting,” Josh Margolin for the NY Post.

Coming off the back of an intervention in Hoboken to save the hospital, Governor Chris Christie may pull a few more votes in Hudson County if he makes a run. Read More...


MSV Premium Content: Now Available

The article “The Hospital Skinny, Bethy and the Feds,” is now available.

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Michael Russo after killing the hospital bond on first reading for “the taxpayers.”

MSV Premium Content: The Hospital Skinny, Bethy and the Feds

MSV continues with its in depth coverage of the hospital’s pending sale with an exclusive feature on tap.  There’s also an update on our law enforcement friends from out of town who many just love in Hoboken.

So expect it in your email inboxes later today:

The Hospital Skinny, Bethy and the Feds

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Tim Occhipinti surfaces with the party line lie on the hospital

Tim Occhipinti the yes man for all seasons (and Beth Mason) emerged on Facebook to answer a question from someone about the hospital.  Well sorta:

Notice Tim Occhipinti can’t manage an answer to the question on what his plan is for the hospital.  Well of course not, as the Council of No had no plan to SAVE THE HOSPITAL.  They talk and talk and talk about bidders, the imaginary bidders from the past and just today Hoboken learned how unfavorable their bids actually were and why they came in a distant second and third to Bayonne Holdco. Read More...


Bow wow wow, yippee yeah – 7th Annual Pet Parade Sunday!

Hoboken Museum Presents 7th Annual Pet Parade & Fair on
Sunday, Oct. 2, 12 – 4 pm at Maxwell Place Park & Pier

·         More than 20 local pet service providers to offer free advice and services at Pet Fair, 12 – 4 pm
·         Parade starts at 1 pm; costume and talent contests for dogs and other pets!
Hoboken, N.J. – Sept. 22, 2011 – The Hoboken Museum’s 7th Annual Pet Parade & Fair kicks off at noon on Sun., Oct. 2, and promises to be bigger and better than ever. This year’s event is moving uptown to the Maxwell Place Waterfront, between 11th and 12th Streets, and will feature costume contests, talent competitions and more than 20 local pet care professionals dispensing free advice and demonstrations. Participation is free, and the first 100 participants to register for the Parade will receive a free gift bag with goodies from the event sponsors. Costumes are optional, and all pets are welcome—as long as they can tolerate a lot of dogs!
Starting at noon, the Pet Fair will offer “Ask the Trainer” sessions; complimentary nail clipping and ear cleaning by Hoboken Dog Wash; basic pet grooming advice from a variety of groomers; information on a feral cat trap/neuter/release initiative, and much more. Even if you don’t have a pet in the parade, all are invited to meet local pet care businesses and check out adoptable pets from Liberty Humane Society. Local photographer Kristen Pierce will be signing copies of her new photo book, Hoboken Dogs. The Pet Fair will continue until 4 pm.