Month: August 2011


Mayor calls special meeting for Saturday on repealing November municipal election ordinance

In a continuing chess game to alter the municipal election landscape, Mayor Dawn Zimmer is calling for a special City Council meeting this Saturday to repeal the ordinance moving municipal elections from November back to May.

A quorum is needed for the meeting to begin, scheduled for Saturday at 9:00 am.  A majority of five votes is required to reverse the ordinance originally shifting municipal elections from May to November.

Frank “Pupie” Raia and Councilwoman Beth Mason have put resources behind reversing the ordinance via referendum.  The effort produced sufficient signatures exceeding the required 2200 submitted to the City Clerk’s Office.   Now the effort may not see a vote in a November election with little compelling reasons for Hoboken voters to show up. Read More...


Hurricane with a Purpose

After missing two consecutive City Council meetings, people were asking where Councilwoman Beth Mason was as there was nothing heard from her or her army of consultants in recent weeks.

Beth Mason at the HHA after the Hurricane.
Then not hours after the hurricane jetted out of town early, she held a meeting at 12th and Washington, an office she’s retained since her spring Council campaign and for the Assembly run for Ruben Ramos. Most recently the office was used for the referendum to move municipal elections back from November to May.
Scott Delea back with
Mason at HQ
The meeting featured Assemblyman Ruben Ramos, 5th ward unheralded ally Scott Delea and political operative Matt Calicchio who was seen on videotape stealing a Jen Giattino sign from a business’ window in broad daylight. It’s not clear what topics were discussed but apparently one agenda item was “Hurricane with a Purpose,” a plan to get some good pictures taken handing out water and crackers to HHA residents. Councilwoman Mason is familiar with the HHA, well at least in an electoral sense as she’s run an absentee ballot campaign there.  In 2009, just like Tim Occhipinti, she had page after page after page of paid “campaign workers” who all voted absentee. =&0=&

Video Tribute to Hurricane Irene and attack of the Hipster Doofi

Late morning Sunday, the eye of the storm passed and the tail blew to the side bypassing Hoboken completely, sparing the town more rain.  The sun came out shortly after before noon and emerged in our midst a new species of hipster doofus, clad in almost knee high rubber boots.

This new group surfaced to take the streets in full hipster regalia, even though if they sported their typical foot ware: flip flops, they wouldn’t get a toe wet.

So prepare yourselves, they could be back.  Hoboken is under attack of the hipster doofi. Read More...


6th ward Councilwoman Jen Giattino notes yesterday’s cleanup effort & catch basin problems

Greetings from Jen Giattino for City Council

From the desk of Councilwoman Jen Giattino:

Hello All,
Post storm clean up efforts have begun.  
This morning we had a very successful clean up of
Church Square Park. THANK YOU to all the volunteers
who came out to help.

My sincere thanks to all the residents of Hoboken.

Because of wonderful team efforts, we made it through Irene
and many of us even got to know our neighbors a little better.
A special thanks to the 6th warders who helped me out
personally and who helped others that were in need.
I am so grateful and proud to be part of such an
amazing community.
Garbage Information:
Garbage pickup will take place on Monday night
In addition, on Monday and Tuesday night the City
will pick up sandbags and damaged furniture or household
items that are placed on the curb.
Residents may also bring items (no construction material)
directly to the municipal garage. Dumpsters at the garage
will be available until 8pm every night until
Friday, September 2.
The entrance to the garage is on Willow Avenue between
Newark Street and Observer Highway.
Other helpful links – Compliments of City of Hoboken:
– More clean up info   CLICK HERE

– Mold prevention after flood  CLICK HERE

– To dispose of sand bags, call 201-420-2385.
   Provide your address, and the City will pick them up.



Talking Ed Note: If you know of a problem with any public catch basins you see clogged or backed up, note the location and which corner or house number they are nearest.
Contact NHSA Comissioner Tony Soares directly who will follow up with those who can address the matter as soon as possible

Tony Soares Commissioner NHSA


MSV Premium Content – finishing touches out tomorrow

MSV is currently working on the Premium Content and in addition to the return of Beth Mason with her meeting after the storm, there’s several other items were looking to update including the all important matter of the hospital.

In the meantime, if you have any tidbits for consideration send them to Da Horsey, while there’s time. Summer hiatus is almost over and did you hear, Hoboken just hired a new Public Safety Director who has experience with the FBI.

So in the interim, keep a look out especially for Timmy who is being kept safe and dry in a secluded location. Read More...


Mayor expresses thanks to community efforts through storm

Office of the Mayor announces:


“I want to say thank you to everyone,” said Mayor Dawn Zimmer. “While the flooding was not as severe as we had expected, this was a major storm, and everyone worked together to ensure that no one was seriously hurt in Hoboken. Most importantly, I thank the community for heeding the calls to evacuate, going to shelters, being prepared, and moving thousands of cars off the street. By being proactive together as a community, we helped protect the lives of residents.” Read More...


City: Pump volunteers available to “pump you out!”

City of Hoboken announces:

Volunteers from the nonprofit H.E.A.R.T. 9/11 are in Hoboken to help residents whose homes still have flooding. They have a few pumps and generators available. Priority will be given to the elderly and disabled, and they will work to help as many as possible. 

Please call the Mayor’s Office if you or a neighbor needs help: 201-420-2018.

=&0=&: The revitalized City of Hoboken website has become a go to place for information.  It’s seen tens of thousands of unique visitors in a given day checking in for updates.  Today it gave out and the server crashed.  Better today than last weekend.

Sign of the Times: Hear ye, hear ye, get your water and crackers!

Another pick from the scorching new HHA series, “Hurricane with a Purpose,” this picture features BoE “Independents for Education” Peter Biancamano, Frank “Pupie” Raia and Councilwoman Beth Mason.

Beth Mason splays the granola with crackers in this pose Sunday after the hurricane joined by Peter Biancamano and Frank Raia who go “badgeless.”
Grafix Avenger has a related post on the HHA’s Executive Director Carmelo Garcia.  The question there isn’t what he did the day after but the day before.  Why would the Executive Director not tell people to evacuate from below sea level with an approaching hurricane?

Photo courtesy Friends of Beth Mason’s Facebook page who love Da Horsey