Month: June 2011


Councilwoman-elect Jen Giattino invites public to Friday Inauguration

Greetings from Jen Giattino for City Council

From the desk of 6th ward Councilwoman-elect Jen Giattino:

Dear Family, Friends & Neighbors,
Please join me at City Hall on
Friday, July 1st at 11:00am
to participate in the
City Council’s Inauguration.
Your presence as always is appreciated.

Thank you,

Jennifer Giattino

Sign of the Times: Dave Mello and Mike Russo in post meeting text showdown

The argument over texting on the City Council dais shamefully started by Tim Occhipinti peering at Councilman Ravi Bhalla’s text message on a later appointment with Mayor Zimmer and Hoboken residents led to a post meeting showdown on the matter.

Council members Dave Mello and Mike Russo continued the discussion about texting and in somewhat rough terms.  Mike Russo complained he received text from his wife and got personal with Dave Mello and insinuated the discussion could be escalated to a more physical venue. Read More...


It’s one day before showtime!

City of Hoboken announces:


Friday, July 1st at 11 AM at Hoboken City Hall, residents are invited to the 2011 Hoboken City Council Inauguration. The brief, simple ceremony will be held on the front steps of City Hall. In the event of rain, the ceremony will be held in the Municipal Council Chambers. New Jersey Lieutenant Governor Kim Guadagno will be attending as an honored guest.

Seating will be limited and available as first come, first serve. A portion of Washington Street will be shut down for the ceremony but traffic will flow as normal. Read More...


Beth Russo go down ugly

See it for yourself.

As this farce of a bad Fellini movie went wasting the taxpayers money, Da Horsey decided to go up and speak to the Beth Mason and Mike Russo’s budget incompetence. (Thank heaven for small gifts.)

We dedicated it to the FBI in Newark.

The song we read in pure deadpan delivery is by the Carpenters: “Sing a Song.” Councilwoman Beth Mason interrupted between stanzas asking what this had to do with the budget hearing. In reply she was informed it was an “Ode to your budget incompetence.” Read More...


T minus five minutes before the swan song

It’s going to be brief, ugly and then over.

Talking Ed Note: Not one Council member present less than five minutes before Beth Mason’s empty and ugly finale of a budget hearing.

Five members of the public are here for the purging of Beth Russo.

And now the swan song:

No legal action can be taken. But the Council of No wants to take an illegal vote on their incompetent budget amendment.

There’s yelling over petty points and Tim Occhipinti has created a shameful situation bringing up Councilman Ravi Bhalla’s text on an appointment with the mayor with his condo association. Read More...


Horse Sense: This is the End…

Maybe it was hearing that album over the weekend but The Doors Greatest Hits “The End” sounds about right in summing up the shortest council presidency under Councilwoman Beth Mason in Hoboken’s living memory.

Tonight Hoboken will go through the motions of one last Beth Mason special meeting, because well, just because. Her illicit attempt to sabotage the budget with her ally Councilman Mike Russo did not pass muster in time with the State before the changing of the guard.

Illicit? Yes, illicit, adjective: illegal, unlawful, illegitimate, criminal, felonious, etc. Read More...


Report: NJ Lt. Gov to perform council swearing in ceremony Friday

According to a story in PoltickerNJ by Tim Carroll, New Jersey’s Lt. Gov. Kim Guadagno
will be coming to Hoboken to perform the swearing-in ceremony.  The story says all elected members including its newest member 6th ward’s Jen Giattino will be sworn in by the New Jersey’s Lt. Governor.

Talking Ed Note: This is one of the surprises for Friday MSV can confirm, but it is likely not to be the only one.  If you are around, you will certainly be happy to make this historic event. Read More...


Theater Director Paula O’haus’ tenure rejected in 5-4 vote

Paula O’haus with more than a dozen years in the Hoboken school district performing mostly as a Theater Director in the schools makes a closing remarks leading into a 5-4 vote where the Board voted along party lines rejecting her application for tenure.

Her full remarks will be posted in their entirety later.  It should be noted that with the political brinksmanship played over recent months and elections, Ms. O’haus had resigned from her the district and then rescinded her resignation just in time to make the formal request for this public hearing. Read More...


And then there was light… Council agenda Friday packed

This Friday at 12 noon will see the turning back of the City Council to the Reform majority.  The glitch with the Timothy Occhipinti installation last November is passed with the election of 6th ward Councilwoman-elect Jen Giattino meaning the temporary infliction on Hoboken is over and a new council era begins.

With it Friday will not just be pomp and circumstance.  As many people will have plans and be on their way out of town that day, City Hall at 12 noon promises to be historic.  If you are able to make it, you may see more than one pleasant surprise.  Witnessing Jen Giattino being sworn in with her family in attendance will certainly be a highlight among them. Read More...


State to Beth Russo on budget sabotage: forgettaboutit!

The city’s auditor in a letter to the City Council has extended a list of problems communicated from the State on the Hoboken budget needing adjusting.  The letter outlines the problems and states any budget amendment will need to be completed in July nixing the depletion of the city’s surplus by Council members Beth Mason and Mike Russo.

There’s no reason to hold a meeting on the 29th hours before Councilman Nino Giacchi’s term expires.  No reason now at all.

Talking Ed Note: Doesn’t seem possible for Beth Mason to force feed the poison into the system by Friday ending her hopes to leave the city coffers empty of any surplus to handle any challenges. Read More...