Month: May 2011


Rue School meeting reminder on Terminal and Rail yard

City of Hoboken announces:

Community Meeting Tonight: Hoboken Terminal & Yard Redevelopment Plan
As a reminder, tonight is the first community meeting as part of the Redevelopment Plan process. The meeting is from 6:00 PM to 8:00 PM at the Rue Building Auditorium at 301 Garden Street in Hoboken. There will be a 30 minute presentation from the City’s planning consultants Wallace Roberts & Todd at the beginning of the meeting, followed by an open house format to allow participants to provide feedback on the issues they are most interested in. Read More...


Beth-Russo declare war on the FBI

Never let a good lie stop you from singing wishful songs to your audience and the dying Council majority under Beth Russo is planning to do just that tomorrow.  Grafix Avenger just confirmed the resolution seeking the emails of the mayor’s staffers and communications with its secondary targets: The Hoboken Journal, Mile Square View and Grafix Avenger is on the agenda!

Meaning Beth Russo thinks it’s more sporting to keep the witch hunt going, even as there’s a criminal investigation into the very same information that was leaked to unknown parties going on right now!  Well, you can’t slight them for their chutzpah.  After all they have plenty of political operatives who will spread their party line – and not just at Hoboken411.  This past weekend Al Sullivan printed a column that came right from the Mason minion’s Ch. 78 anchor desk.  It was a word for word dissembling screed of half-truths, distortions and full out fabrications. Read More...


Old Guard commenter on FBI investigation: ‘It’s hitting the Council’

Chestunut fillies are our favorite and the saying be what you would like to be with holds true in horsey land.  Da Horsey however has been green with envy over that warbling fleshy Deep Uvula at Grafix Avenger for some time now.

We’ve tried to cultivate insight from our pals in the Old Guard lately on the FBI’s latest foray into town but none will talk and others who would be happy to return a phone call are less than available at least partly due to the holiday weekend.  Perhaps they are scrambling to line up the best criminal lawyers their respective funds can retain. Read More...


Ready for the deep dish? Time to pony up, well just a little

It’s been another record week here, and coming close to more time spent than ever imagined trying to provide an open forum with timely power packed articles, and focused analysis on the important themes of accountability and corruption in the mile square.

So at this point, The Hudson Mile Square View is looking to take the next leap with articles hitting harder with more punch than ever with a new subscriber feature.  We’re introducing a monthly and annual subscription for some content at $6 a month or $55 a year.  (MSV prefers the annual choice for obvious reasons.) Read More...


Grist for the Mill: Got Voter Fraud? – The other Hoboken crime spree

With all the scuttlebutt about the FBI being in town investigating what Grafix Avenger dubs the DTR (Data Theft Ring), people may have forgotten there’s plenty of other cleaning up to do than the data files on the home computer leading back to the third floor at City Hall.

One story that reached MSV concerned the blatant discussion of where to get paid for voting in the 4th ward earlier this month.  As recounted, a person was quite cavalier in the 4-3 and asked while IN THE POLLING STATION where did he get paid his $40 for voting and doing his civic duty, presumably on behalf of Tim Occhipinti. Read More...


Machine tool Al Sullivan sullies Hoboken

As almost anyone with a pulse on the local scene knows in Hoboken, the whole town is buzzing with the high profile visit to City Hall due to our friends, the boys of summer from Newark, the FBI.

As word has spread of the boxes of documents carted out of town Thursday with the Feds knocking on doors in Marine View and beyond Friday, Al Sullivan has some entirely different concerns featured in his column, “Between the lines,” in the Hudson Reporter.

To say it’s spin would be unkind to professional media spinners, to say he got the story a bit off would be too kind.  Let’s be frank, if there was any doubt whatsoever about Al Sullivan, and there’s none here; this column should be the final nail in the coffin; he’s an absolute machine tool. Read More...


Grafix Avenger strikes back: ‘Persons of Interest’

Our favorite Hoboken political satirist Grafix Avenger, who can decimate more egos with the least words and brilliant graphics is taking stock of the current City Hall investigation – what she dubs the Data Theft Ring (DTR) and theorizes with a focus of a laser on one potential group of suspects who had the means, motivation, and money to hijack City Hall’s confidential servers for political reasons.

By the way, such electronic intrusions are not only less than heroic, they are illegal. (Can you hear me now Sully?)  Criminal behavior along those lines comes with five year prison terms per transgression and a fine, and also leaves the guilty open to further civil charges. Read More...


Board of Elections confirms: ‘Hoboken411’s Perry Klaussen used vacant building as voter address’


In the latest confirmation of Hoboken411 rank hypocrisy, the Hudson County Board of Elections confirmed Perry Klaussen, owner of the smear site voted in the council elections earlier this month using the address of an empty building on upper Bloomfield St.

The building located at 1039 Bloomfield Street was purchased last year by new owners last summer who took the building without ever seeing the third floor unit where then tenant Perry Klaussen would be forced to vacate before they took the property.  After closing they discovered the unit to be left in a foul condition.  The building has been under construction for some time and during the May 10th election. Read More...


Sign of the Times: The Association is closed for business

Friday afternoon, a flag flies with Ruben Ramos signs in the window at the closed Russo clan HQ.

Friday afternoon, Hobokenites were gearing up for the holiday weekend, many leaving town.  The Russo Civic Association was locked up tight and quiet as a church mouse.  That may have been no accident.  Word on the street is the FBI was dropping in on persons of interest all over town.

The FBI paid a visit to one person in Marine View.  They didn’t make the trip from Newark to pay one visit.  

If not on the lam outright, it was a good day for any potential bad guys to be on a four day holiday if just to stave off the inevitable from the long arm of the law. Read More...


Former Federal Prosecutor on Mayor Zimmer: ‘Smart move reporting electronic breach to FBI’

A former federal prosecutor speaking on the current FBI investigation into electronic communications at City Hall described the action by Mayor Dawn Zimmer in moving to bring the FBI into Hoboken as the right and smart move.

Henry Klingeman now a defense attorney based in Newark in an interview with Hoboken Patch noted the Sopranos climate in New Jersey is a priority for the Feds and it’s incumbent for elected officials to take possible violations to them.

Describing the FBI search this week as common at the end of an investigation, Klingeman indicated subpoenas and interviews with potential witnesses would be the likely next step based on his experience but did not have specific knowledge in this case. Read More...