Month: December 2010


Hoboken Parking Renewals

City of Hoboken announces:


Hoboken residents with a current Resident parking permit should find an annual renewal letter in their mail in the next few days. The Hoboken Parking Utility offers the following to points of clarification:

1. Current permit holders who do not receive renewal information should contact the Parking Utility by phone at 201-653-1919 or email at

2. Please note that there was an error regarding the renewal deadline in the letter. All documentation is due by January 15, 2011. The validity of current Resident parking permits will be extended to that date. Read More...


Goodbye to 2010

With a week to go is it too soon to say goodbye to 2010?  Well things are slowing down with the countdown to New Years’a and people rushing to get all the last minute things done expected making the holidays frantic, harried and a drag for many.

So here’s a turn of hand from Jib Jab saying goodbye, perhaps early but hey this will be the last hurrah for many who plan trips and family get together’s heading to parts unknown tomorrow.

Hoboken has seen its share of ups and downs this year with municipal layoffs, a police reorg, initial tax reductions and a sinkhole.  All of it becomes fodder for the political operatives: the paid, the unpaid and those who hope to get paid who thought they were underpaid in Tim Occhipinti’s invisible army.  They all get another crack at the checkbook in 2011. Read More...


More Occhipinti blues: NJ Dems ask – How much to buy Hoboken’s 4th ward election?

Blue Jersey, a state online Democratic website widely read including state officeholders posed this question in a story yesterday probing the antics of Tim Occhipinti’s fourth ward campaign.

Noting the anomalies in the invisible army of Occhipinti ‘campaign workers,’ Blue Jersey flatly calls for an investigation.  The matter currently rests with the NJ Attorney General’s office after the Hudson County prosecutor forwarded the case when a folder of criminal referrals showed up from the Hudson County Board of Elections after its own initial investigation uncovered multiple problems. Read More...


Hoboken Patch weighs in on Tim Occhipinti's 4th ward election problems

Claire Moses at Hoboken Patch has also weighed in with a story on the post election brouhaha of the ad infinitum anomalies in Tim Occhipinti’s 4th ward campaign.

For those yet to see it, there’s a number of quotes from parties central to Occhipinti’s dilemma: David Cruz, spokesman who first described the 78 of 79 ‘campaign workers’ on the pre-election campaign report all voting by mail and being paid within the timeframe of their vote as ‘the Anomaly,’ defends the broader problems where upwards of 80% of the 500 plus unseen army voted by mail. Read More...


City proclaims: Cobbler’s Corner at 7th and Garden St. honors 50 year business

Mayor Dawn Zimmer is joined by Councilman Nino Giacchi in presenting a City proclamation and new street sign to Giovanni D’Italia shoe store on 7th and Garden to owner Giovanni left and his son.  The store is an institution in Hoboken serving the community for more than fifty years. 

To learn more about the famous shoe repair shop in Hoboken see their website:


Sign of the Times: Get that guy a bag

What’s worse than a power mad politician devoid of any scruples?  A person who lives vicariously through them willing to say or do anything to revel in the crumbs of power.

Kurt Gardiner at the the Hoboken Journal put together an interesting dish showing what happens when you combine such a toxic mix.

In the meantime, anyone have a bag?  Doesn’t have to be big, just wide enough to fit over a big head.

The Mason411 and Ch. 78 news anchor – “Look away, I’m hideous.”

The Hoboken Journal’s video clip shows the angry Mason411 ghostwriter full of bile for reform.  And why not?  Reform is the enemy of both he and Beth Mason.  Not that this is news to anyone paying scant attention to the local scene. Read More...