Month: September 2010


Mayor Zimmer to residents on Western Edge redevelopment: ‘Bring it’

Office of the Mayor announces:

=&0=& Last night the Zimmer Administration officially handed responsibility for the Western Edge Redevelopment Plan to the City Council. 

“The City Council, as the redevelopment agency, has ultimate authority over the redevelopment process, and I thought it was important to clearly mark this transfer by placing the Western Edge resolution on the agenda,” said Mayor Dawn Zimmer. Read More...


Operation Bounty launches with $1,000 reward for Absentee Ballot Fraud

The Hoboken Journal and MSV Announce “Operation Bounty” Initiative to stop Absentee Ballot Fraud Concern has been elevated on the topic of election fraud and it is raising its serpentine head in the upcoming November 2nd special election for the 4th Ward city council seat. To combat this practice, The Hoboken Journal in conjunction with Mile Square View (MSV) is launching “Operation Bounty,” a plan to take absentee ballot fraud head on with a $1,000 reward for information leading to the arrest and conviction of any individual disenfranchising the vote using absentee ballots in the Hoboken special election.  “Operation Bounty” is not partisan and is not affiliated with any campaign, political group or organization.* The Hoboken Journal and Mile Square View are hopeful for a clean election in November with no malfeasance or electoral skullduggery. In past Hoboken elections, there have been misgivings over the validity of absentee balloting practices and both MSV and the Hoboken Journal extend this reward to discourage any untoward activity that disenfranchises voters. Both the Hoboken Journal and MSV stand together in their pledge to condemn illegal and illicit absentee voting practices by ironically putting our money where our mouth is. Regardless of which campaign is responsible for any untoward activity, both the Hoboken Journal and Mile Square View will honor a commitment to reimburse the person responsible for reporting the incident. The reward is payable for the first tip leading to an arrest and conviction. =&4=&

Councilman Lenz kicks off special election bid with opening, new website

Lenz for Council announces:


=&0=& 4th Ward Councilman Mike Lenz is opening his Campaign Headquarters =&1=& 60 Madison St – Ground Floor =&2=& Saturday, Oct 2 – 11 am AND Sunday, Oct 3 – 1 pm 4th Ward Councilman Mike Lenz will open his Campaign HQ this weekend and will have two events in order to accommodate the busy schedules of 4th Ward residents.  Mike stated: “With the Arts and Music Fest on Sunday and many people busy with family and sports events on Saturday, we expanded our original opening into to two events. We invite all 4th Ward Residents to come enjoy a hot dog or hamburger and find out more about Mike’s campaign to lower taxes, fix flooding, support balanced development, and finally bring a park to the 4th Ward.

Grab a friend and come see the new space, pick up a window sign, and then sign up to volunteer.

Our opponent is reuniting the Cammarano team to try and stop progress in City Hall. They may be able to throw around money, but they don’t have our secret weapon: YOU!

This is a grassroots campaign and we need to show our opponents that they can’t buy their way to victory.  Show the community that you care about the future of the 4th Ward and the entire city. We won’t let them return Hoboken to the failed policies of past Administrations.” Read More...


Gov. Christie returns to Hoboken

City of Hoboken announces:

=&0=& Mayor Dawn Zimmer will welcome and introduce Governor Chris Christie when he visits Hoboken on Thursday, September 30th to discuss his education reform agenda. The public is invited to attend the town hall meeting at the Elysian Charter School at the Rue Building Gymnasium located at 301 Garden Street. The event will begin at 2pm, and admission is first-come, first-served.
Surrounding streets will remain open, but there will be no parking permitted on Garden St. between 3rd St. and 4th St and on 3rd St. between Park Ave. and Bloomfield St.
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Special City Council Meeting @ 7:00

Three big items on the special meeting agenda tonight: the Western Edge redevelopment plan, a budget amendment and a special closed session on litigation. The City of Hoboken recently left the uptown Willow Street location after negotiations on the space with Hoboken Unleashed failed.  Hoboken Unleashed called the city’s bluff on leaving and although they went to Superior Court in Jersey City to get off the property, now that the city has vacated before their 60 day lease’s expiration, Hoboken Unleashed has said it intends to continue litigation.  Expect to see this snuffed by the Superior Court judge.  (Hoboken Unleashed has begun zoning variance applications needed to move their business on to the property but it will take several months before approval can be obtained.  Now the landlord of the property loses the extra income from the city and Hoboken Unleashed is left thinking about an imaginary payday.) With the City returning to the site of the Municipal Garage, the developer who claims it intended to deliver on the $25.5 million price is now posturing to get the $2.55 million deposit back with legal fees of a couple of hundred thousand.  The developer, S. Hekemian could have gotten close to this earlier.  But they didn’t want to hurt the ability to bid on other projects with a black mark on their record by defaulting outright. As MSV said earlier, the fight would be over the deposit.  So tonight’s closed session may be regarding this matter.  If you see it on Hoboken411 tomorrow painted in some dire warning, then you can be sure it was fed to them by either Councilwoman Beth Mason or Councilman Mike Russo.  Their efforts at sabotaging the city at every turn have been consistent, as in consistently bad.


City announces flood and wind advisory with free and low cost parking option

FLOOD AND HIGH WIND WATCH FOR HUDSON COUNTY The National Weather Service has announced that a flood watch is in effect from late Wednesday night on September 29th through late Friday night. A high wind watch is also in effect from Thursday morning through late Thursday night. The characteristics of this storm will be tropical in nature. This weather system is the remnants of Tropical Storm Nicole which is now an exo-tropical system.  Rain is expected to begin in the late evening hours of Wednesday September 29th and be light in nature. The rain will continue through Thursday September 30th and into the early morning hours of Friday October 1st, tapering off just after sunrise.  The rain is expected to be heavy all day Thursday with 1-3 inches of rain probable in the Hudson County area. Urban flooding can also be expected. There is also the potential for high winds. Winds will be 15-25 MPH sustained with gusts of 40-50 MPH possible on Thursday after 3:00pm.  =&4=&

City announces big updates on Western Edge, budget and police layoffs

City of Hoboken announces:

=&0=& The Administration is providing updates on several topics of interest to the community. =&1=&

The Western Edge Redevelopment Plan is the first item for consideration at this evening’s City Council meeting. Several members of the City Council, which is the redevelopment agency for the City, have expressed interest in postponing consideration of the Western Edge Redevelopment Plan in order to solicit additional input from the community. The community concerns have been largely focused on the amount of open space presented in the plan. Read More...


Lenz to Occhipinti – ‘You Lie!’

Lenz for Council announces:

=&0=& Councilman Lenz responds: “To begin with, I welcome Tim Occhipinti to the discussion about Clean Campaigns.  It is ironic for Tim to accuse someone else of breaking a pledge that he refuses to sign or seriously acknowledge, all in a video that is missing legally required paid for language. As to his two charges, he is wrong on his facts and misleading in his insinuations.  To be completely clear: I stand behind my pledge. =&1=& The pledge calls for “Street Money” and makes clear I am talking about CASH payments.  It goes on and says “all payments for Election Day Workers will be by check and will be fully recorded on ELEC reports.”  I followed that in 2001 and I’ll follow that this year.  One more point –The fact that Tim is able to falsely attack me is because my ELECs were filed and complete with all checks recorded. =&2=& Tim is talking about my – perfectly legal and above board – hiring of 30 election day workers because he doesn’t want to talk about what his campaign is doing.  I hired 30 residents, legally and paid by check, to help get out my message.  Another reason was to have people in our T-Shirts to counter the intimidation factor of hundreds of paid ‘workers’ supporting my opponent.  Given what those fine people went through that day, they certainly earned their pay.  I would be proud to have enough money to hire them again.  All heard my message, but none were required to fill out an absentee ballot, vote for me, or even vote in order to get paid.  Those will be the rules this year as well.  I challenge Tim to make the same commitment. =&3=& I remember submitting all my ELEC reports in 2001, but after being appointed to the council, I thought to check them online to ensure everything was posted and complete.  What I found to my surprise was that my final report was missing.  I immediately checked my files at home where I found my filed copy of the completed report from almost a decade ago.  I checked with ELEC and was told to re-submit it along with a note explaining it had been previously filed, which I did.  ELEC accepted my submission, put it on the web, and has taken no action to indicate I have done anything wrong.  =&4=& =&5=&=&6=&=&7=&Tim is trying to draw attention from his own misdeeds and backroom deals, but the fact remains that Tim is unable to sign the pledge himself since he will be in violation from day one.  As of today, only the Mike Lenz campaign has completed and submitted all ELEC, and only Mike Lenz has made a commitment to not have any able-bodied paid worker vote absentee.   Why can’t Tim sign on to these common sense initiatives?  Because Mike Novak, a high-ranking member of Tim’s Campaign team ( currently has missing ELEC forms from his run with Former Mayor and current Inmate Peter Cammarano’s campaign last year. Further, despite telling the press the opposite (  Tim is already personally running a shadow absentee vote campaign that is working day and night to disenfranchise the residents of the 4th Ward ( Read More...


Guest of the Stable: Zabrina Stoffel of Project Play on concerns about Western Edge plan

URGENT: Your presence needed at City Council meeting Wednesday 9/29 at 7pm

You may or may not be aware of the plans to redevelop the North Western edge of Hoboken. If you are not, please read Western edge redevelopment.

I attended the meeting on September 15th, 2010 and left VERY concerned about the plan presented and slated to go to the City Council on Wednesday September 29th for review and then to the Planning Board for approval and then back to the City Council for a favorable vote.

What am I asking from you?