Month: July 2010


Hoboken411 saves the day, at least for the disgruntled

Hoboken411 the local website of distortions, copyright theft, smears and innovative lies in town is proposing giant billboards be used to raise money and maintain the existing size of the police force.  A reader emailed over the proposal as Da Horsey doesn’t go there.  Ask yourself when have I learned something of importance doing so?  Less and less people do, and those that pop by don’t stay around very long.  It’s wham bam thank you ma’m.

Oversized billboards: a way to keep more police on the streets? 

The Hoboken Journal has done more timely stories on stores opening and closings of late and Hoboken Patch has been showing readers what a real full time news website in Hoboken can and should be for a while now.  Specialty sites focusing on Hoboken’s food and bar scene are available with and the recently revamped and relaunched Eat Drink Hoboken looking to really make some noise. Read More...


Hoboken University Medical Center – RFP in progress

Last night, the Hoboken Journal covered the board meeting at the Hoboken University Medical Center.  While there were no actual finances mentioned in the story, there’s been some positive developments with narrowing deficits of late and a new senior practice established.

A formal RFP process will begin a process to identify needed capital while retaining the viability of the institution as a hospital in Hoboken.  This is a major step forward in a much needed process to protect the interests of the City while keeping the potentials of the hospital viable now and for the future. Read More...


Hoboken Legal: City Council must follow one person per board position

=&0=& A lawyer working for the Office of the Corporation Counsel stated a legal view all Hoboken board appointments should adhere to the written standard on the City Council’s application form of one person per board position. That policy, not established under town ordinance is currently not being applied based on recent statements by some City Council members. The recent North Hudson Sewereage Authority appointment escapes the provisio as it apparently falls under existing law.  Tony Soares was appointed to his second board position by the City Council at its last meeting in a 5-4 vote. Alysia Smickley, a lawyer working for Corporation Counsel Michael Kates spoke last Friday outlining a legal view in the controversy over board appointments.  While describing the North Hudson Sewerage Authority appointment as falling under existing law, she said there was no current Hoboken ordinance applicable in the City Council’s appointments to local board positions. On the mater of the City Council’s using its current form for candidate board applications, Ms. Smickley said, “the City Council should apply its existing standard,” as stated on the form. Candidates applying for Hoboken board positions must fill out a two page application.  Included is a question on page two asking if the applicant has any conflict of interest followed by a policy statement from the City Council: one person may serve on one board.  There are caveats to the limitation based on existing law as is the case with the North Hudson Sewerage Authority, (NHSA) a public-private agency created in 1988 by order of the federal courts and the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). Some City Council members have made statements overlooking the policy on page two of the application clearly stating one person per board position.  In an interview last weekend another member on background stated he was unaware of the policy stated on page two of the application. City Council President Carol Marsh in an exchange with Hoboken politico Perry Belfiore at the last City Council meeting said she saw no reason why current board members should not be allowed to serve on additional boards.  Councilman Michael Lenz issued a statement last week saying he saw no controlling authority on the matter since his time on the City Council last November.  Both Council members were strong proponents of having Tony Soares appointed to a second board position at NHSA.   Mayor Zimmer issued a policy position in interviews the next day calling for one board position per person except in “extenuating circumstances.” Tony Soares’ appointment to the Hoboken Zoning Board expires in December, a month after the fourth ward City Council election.  Although fourth ward City Council candidate Tim Occhhipinti declined comment on the matter earlier, it’s almost certain to be an election issue this fall. MSV originally broke this story last week, “Is the City Council second board appointment illegal?” =&1=&: MSV originally submitted questions to Corporation Counsel Michael Kates.  As a follow up to the discussion with Ms. Smickley, MSV sought comment from the mayor’s office and understands Mayor Zimmer is seeking to review the matter with Corporation Counsel Michael Kates. Look for an update on this story next week. =&2=&: The Hudson Reporter noted the recent discussion in the blogosphere among Grafix Avenger, the Hoboken Journal and MSV. .

In defense of patronage….

Our colleague Grafix Avenger has written a somewhat disturbing meandering defense of patronage, uhm I mean Tony Soares.  It trots out histories of “accomplishments” and makes a valiant call for the rehabilitation of the two timing board position holder (all with no apology from the guilty who made this mess mind you). Now why does the Grafix Avenger feel so compelled to make this sidestepping defense?  One reason she offers is that Ravi Bhalla’s brother received a mayoral appointment for a minor board position.  I thought sins of the father died out with those uber right wing church going Palin supporters?  Wait Ravi isn’t Amar’s father?  And he didn’t make the appointment?  And he wasn’t even aware the mayor had made the decision to offer the minor board position to that non-paying nest of viper fundraising at the Library Board? Okay forget all that, and let us pray, moral equivalence I shall not want.  Ye lead me to stipends and medical benefits… Hey, I thought we were all on the same side?  Aren’t we anymore?  Or are we now splitting reform officially into a new HudCo wing?  That sure sounds enticing.  Those guys really know how to take care of their own.  Okay, they may get arrested by the dozens every few years or so by Chris Christie and his friends, the boys of summer down in Newark but hey can’t we all get along? One question Grafix Avenger doesn’t answer is the substance of why she feels compelled to trot out a “defense” for Tony “two timing board position holder” Soares just now? Although we think he’s been taken to task rather roughly, Da Horsey would note there’s been very little of that here and Tony is no shrinking violet if you have been on the other end of a disagreement (or phone call).  Before forgiveness one must show remorse, repent and promise to go and sin no more.  Resigning one board position is where it begins. That’s not what we’ve been told by the players pushing two board positions.  That’s not what they are saying at all.  Instead they talk of “synergies” as if Hoboken is three years back on the flooding issue and there’s an essential need to have a voting board person on Zoning and the Hudson Sewerage Authority.  Last we heard, there was nothing stopping any citizen from attending more than one board meeting and participating without getting paid and receiving benefits. We left a little stream of thought message over in Grafix Avenger land.  It follows below:
Lots of smoke and mirrors here. MSV did a full article on the concerns about two appointments. Soares was in the center of them. The photo has been spelled out now in complete context. Attempting to downplay its value without that context is repeating exactly what you claim to point out.

Now if you want to provide some context, then you should share something more personal like your own interaction with Tony of late and work done together. That would be insightful.

However you don’t do that. Instead here you cite all kinds of historical “accomplishments” such as obtaining signatures, in this case thousands of them. He did that all on his own? Really?

This is not about what Tony has done or will do on two separate boards. It’s about the reasonable expectations where everyone plays by the same rules and a policy advocated by the mayor. Read More...


Hoboken University Medical Center Board Meeting

Here’s tonight’s agenda.  No mention if Tony Soares will soon be named to it, apply his board synergies and save the day.  After all one board position good, two even better and three would be a synergistic orgy.

You want to know what synergy matters on flooding at the NHSA?
The pump!  Up to 80% worth of flooding synergies removed.

Okay here’s the agenda:

=&0=& =&1=& 7:00 pm Regular Meeting 1.     Open Public Meetings Act Disclosure Statement 2.     Roll-Call 3.     Pledge of Allegiance 4.     Election of Officers 5.     Approval of Minutes May 26, 2010 Executive Session June 23, 2010 Regular Session June 23, 2010 Regular Session   6.     Presentation by Special Counsel to discuss Strategic Alternatives 7.     Report from the Hospital CEO 8.     Report from the Authority  9.   Committee Reports                                    10.  Finance Report by Vincent Riccitelli, Acting CFO 11.  New Business & Consent Agenda* ·       Resolution approving the Sale of Surplus Motor Vehicles* ·       Resolution Amending the Contract with Lowenstein Sandler PC* ·       Resolution Authorizing the Issuance of a Request for Proposals* ·       Resolution Approving Transfer of Funds to HHI for August* ·       Resolution Approving Transfer of Funds to HHI for Sept. * ·       Resolution Authorizing Payment of Claims* ·       Resolution Adopting 2009 Budget* ·       Resolution Adopting Annual Schedule of Meetings* ·       Resolution Approving Official Publications* ·       Resolution Designating Bank Depositories* ·       Resolution amending OPRA fees* ·       Resolution Approving the Credentials Committee Report* ·       Any other matters that may come before the Board 12.  Public Comments 13.  Executive Session Closed to the Public (IF NECESSARY) 14.  Adjournment of Meeting ACTION WILL BE TAKEN AT THIS MEETING MEETING PLACE =&2=& =&3=&

News alert: Update on City Council Board Appointments

In the investigative story posted last week, “Is the second council appointment legal?” MSV spoke to the Office of the Corporation Counsel following up on questions surrounding the process and posing additional legal questions of concern.  Da Horsey anticipates there will be a development on this front as soon as today.

At the last City Council meeting, newly elected City Council President Carol Marsh stated she saw no issue with second board appointments. Councilman Michael Lenz later issued a statement agreeing there was no obstacle to making additional board appointments as he understands it since his time serving on the City Council last November. Read More...


Political rivals raise $500 for Wounded Warriors Project

Last Saturday, a group of softball players representing two sides of the political fence raised $500 for the Wounded Warriors Project.  Despite the scorching heat, the teams played a full game with the Hudson County Young Republicans edging out the Young Dems 10-8.

For more details and also to add to the worthy total please visit:

Young Republican Team Captain Fernando Uribe stares down 


This Thursday in Sinatra Park

 With the St. Anne’s Church annual feast over, the entertainment moves by the river on Thursday night.  The BankRobber sent in a recommendation:

This Thursday, 7:00 pm @ Sinatra Park in Hoboken, guitarist Smokey Hormel will be appearing right here in our fair town.

Smokey’s guitar work has appeared for a diverse group of popular artists like Beck, the deceased legend Johnny Cash, Kid Rock, Neil Diamond, Norah Jones and The Dixie Chicks.

Outside of his studio prowess, Smokey Hormel likes to put on his 10 gallon cowboy hat, his boots, and round up his group of top notch New York side men to play some sizzling Western Swing. Read More...


Weehawken joins in shared solution in Hoboken!

City of Hoboken announces:


Agreement will avoid closure of Clinton Street

Since assuming office, Hoboken Mayor Dawn Zimmer has been in discussions with neighboring municipalities to explore sharing services for municipal vehicle storage. Throughout the process, Weehawken Mayor Richard Turner expressed strong interest in working with Hoboken if a suitable site could be obtained.

The day after Hoboken’s City Council voted to approve the closure of Clinton Street between 15th and 16th Streets for the storage of municipal vehicles, an opportunity arose that appeared to meet the needs of both municipalities. In the past, the same location had been discussed as a potential joint use location by the administrations of Weehawken and Hoboken. Mayor Zimmer and Mayor Turner immediately began negotiations to move forward together to share services between the two municipalities. The agreement is for joint use and equitable sharing of storage space at 1714-16 Willow Avenue. Freeholder Anthony L. Romano assisted in helping to identify the site as a potential location. Read More...