Month: June 2010


The Bard of Hoboken launches a lyrical fussilade

A horse is a horse and of course, 
he set up a website for open discourse. 

He set up a website not for personal gain, 
and he got attacked by a madman named Lane. (allegedly) 

He covers the beat for stories he is casin’, 
And is not well liked within the circles of Beth Mason. 

To cover Hoboken he should be given a hand, 
and now his 2nd Cousin has been spotted on the web in Scotland. 

Da Horsey doesn’t do graifx with punchbowls filled with crap, 
He just gets his kin to pose on Google street maps. 

And now while his kin is discovered in the town of Aberdeen, 
Beth Mason and company calls her detractors angry and mean. 

Beth’s minions have been busy writing BS letters to the paper, 
but why was there no comment on Bajardi’s assault caper? 

Now the people might be turned off by turds I have to admit, 
but this website exists to point out Mason and her supporters are just full of sh*t.



A relative of Da Horsey spotted in Scotland

A relative of Da Horsey was recently spotted in an unusual manner in Scotland.  Apparently Google was out doing their customary photos for their street views in Scotland and obtained this mysterious photo.

For more on this story:

Talking Ed Note: There’s some discussion of cyber bullying which is all the rage now after online kid references have been beaten to a bloody pulp.  If this town’s politicos could just find an issue to disagree on without the manufactured drama and intellectual dishonesty. Read More...


Master Plan tonight @ 7:00

Hoboken is taking a much needed look at its Master Plan and tonight’s meeting in the basement of City Hall is where the conversation starts.  If you can’t make it there for any reason, you can do so here at your convenience.

Earlier today, Councilwoman Beth Mason sent out an email release highlighting tonight’s meeting.  Last year she introduced a concept plan including a minor league ballpark.  For those that missed it, the details of that story is here: Read More...


Grease is the word…

Mayor Dawn Zimmer & the City of Hoboken
along with Paramount Pictures

invite you to a special premiere of

Wed. June 30th beginning at 9pm Pier A Park, First Street & Sinatra Drive Paramount pictures is releasing a sing-along version of Grease in theatres this summer & Hoboken has been offered the opportunity of a sneak preview before it comes out. Pier A Park is just a short walk from all public transportation including PATH, NY Waterway Ferries, NJ Transit Trains & Buses & Hudson Bergen Light Rail. Come dressed as your favorite character from the movie and be ready to strut your stuff. We’ll have mics setup so you can participate karaoke style. There will be prizes for the best dressed. Come early & bring your blanket & a picnic basket. Co-sponsored by Projected Images of Hudson County, The Hudson County Division of Heritage Affairs, Clearview Cinemas and TheShannon. For more information call 201-420-2207 To see the movie trailer, visit: =&0=&=&1=&

Guest of the Stable: Grafix Avenger

Thank you, Horsey– it is a great honor to be invited as today’s  “Guest of the Stable”… well, I guess I kind of invited myself.  So thank you for not saying “No!”   
You see, I made this graphic (above) and since MSV gets a lot of traffic,  I thought I’d hang it up in your stable. Because if a graphic falls in a forest, and no one’s there to see it, did it make a sound?
Unfortunately,  I had to go and ruin it with a warning label: “THIS IS SATIRE”.   Are you wondering why?   You’d figure that anyone smarter than a box of rocks wouldn’t need a warning label on a satirical graphic.  I was surprised myself to discover how many folks in Hoboken are dumber than a box of rocks. And I mean really big, stupid rocks. 
Let me explain. 
I’ve had a blog, Grafix Avenger (, since the end of March.  Do you know what a blog is?  I can tell you what it’s not.  It’s not The New York Times, or even MSV.   No, a blog is a rubber room in cyberspace where the proprietor gets to jump up and down and shout.  Or whisper.  Or sing.  Or flip a disingenuous politician the bird.  In my case, it’s all of the above. 
Nothing wrong with that, right?  This is America, after all. And, our great country has a fantastic, crumbly old piece of  paper called ‘The Constitution’, chock-full of scrawly-things called  ‘Amendments’  which endow our citizens with liberties.   Like this: Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.
The First Amendment. My personal fave.
Because  it allows you and I, like all other Americans,  to express our opinions, popular or unpopular, withour fear of reprisal…  uh, oh.   Without fear of reprisal.  Somebody tell this to the dumber-than-a-box-of-rocks crowd.  They misunderstand the document that is the foundation of American democracy, that so many  Americans have sacrificed themselves to preserve.   We are talking about an essential American right.  Freedom of speech.
But no, these big, dumb rocks have decided the Constitution can be cherry-picked…  for example, a person who peforms an unpaid, volunteer service for their city ( Hoboken, for example)  is not entitled to free speech even though her speech bears no relation to her public service.  Somebody tell that to Liz Markevitch.  Oh yeah, I already did:
Coincidently, ALL of the big, dumb rocks are former or current political adversaries.  Many have been lampooned by yours truly.  So they’re mad.  Well, let ’em complain,   I understand that.  But that is not what they do.  No.  They impugn The Critic’s public service to our city,  snootily intoning that The Critic can’t have free speech AND a role in making a better Hoboken.  I am guessing they want to shut the speech down.  And punish The Critic.  Someone send  Liz Markevitch an American civics book.
Now, every box of big, dumb rocks has a leader.  In this instance, the Head Rock is loaded with dough.  Which she gets from her husband, Rock-a-fella.  So she doesn’t need to attack her critics with conventional methods.  There are more insidious ways, the best money can buy.  Well, they aren’t really that good.  But the hapless rocks think they are, and their rocky hubris will be their downfall.  Read about it here: Read More...


City Council President says more to come on garage

City Council President Peter Cunningham and 5th Ward Councilman responded to the mayor’s plan for temporary municipal garage services:

“There’s more to come on this issue.  While not in a residential neighborhood, I am sensitive to the potential impact it will have in northwest Hoboken.  I am confident that the plans as outlined and forthcoming by the administration will achieve common goals for all affected.”

Thanks, Peter


City Council President Peter Cunningham at last Tuesday’s special meeting Read More...


Coming this week: year 14 of the farmers market

City of Hoboken’s Dept. of Environment Services announces:

It’s Our 14th year as the Hoboken Farmers’ Market.
Located on Washington St. between Observer Hwy and Newark St.
Every Tuesday at 3 – 7:30 from June 29th through October


K&S FARMS, founded by Kevin and Sharon Kyle, was established in 1989.  Its multiple properties include a new addition thanks to the initiative of the NJ State Agriculture Department to preserve farmland in the Garden State.  K&S offers a wide array of vegetables, the bounty of its peach orchard, cut flowers and herbs.  In the fall, they welcome visitors at their East Windsor location (831 Windsor Perrineville Rd.) to pick pumpkins, enjoy a hayride and navigate their daytime cornstalk pumpkin-shaped maze.  In the evening, the Field of Terror comes alive with terror haunted hayrides and a spooky haunted maze. Contact:  609-758-7817,, Read More...


One dream fades, others still remain

Although the US has been eliminated in the World Cup, the passions continue today.  Two huge matches with national pride on the line: England – Germany surely there will be no greater rivalry in the tournament and Mexico-Argentina a rematch of their clash four years ago.

The US has nothing to be ashamed of in its appearance, fighting mighty England to a draw and battling to a victory in a critical game’s dying moments.  Here’s a video clip of Mulligans in downtown Hoboken where Americans display the true passion for the game loved the world over: Read More...